Harmful FACEBOOK Quizzes

South San Francisco, CA  April 2, 2020 from our FB page

This was our post on our FB page the other day and is worthy of sharing with a larger audience, as it relates to online quizzes beyond Facebook:

Are you sheltered in place, bored, and playing around on FB? Be aware of the quizzes you are taking, you just may be allowing your friends info to be used, as well as giving up your security info. Thanks to Kathy for this share:


No photo description available.


From this post, 89 of our followers shared it to their walls, indicating this information was well received. Karen offers these thoughts in her post “I see quite a few things come in through FB Messenger from people on my “friends” list that I rarely interact with. I never open them, and they can be deleted by swiping LEFT, and hitting the delete button. For some reason, I can only do it on my phone, and not the computer, but it probably depends on the device you’re using”

Good advice to remember. And to share!

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Janae Morales
Janae Morales
2 years ago

Thank you for this important message. I get these all the time from friends, and I tell them it could be a scam and not to participate. It seems so innocent, then when you get scammed it’s not so funny.