Neighborhood Virtual Easter Egg Hunt – Everyone Join In!

South San Francisco, CA   April 11, 2020 Hat tip to Nicole MC for the share

Everyone is invited to join in South City’s virtual Easter Egg hunt and help us all through a new twist in our annual event: Create pictures of decorated eggs and place on your windows! On Easter all the little ones in your neighborhood will be able to walk up and down the blocks looking for Easter Eggs! This is one very creative way to keep our tradition going while allowing our children have a different experience to brighten up this day.

When seekers find the Easter Eggs, they are encouraged to take a photo to share and tag #SSFEggHunt

This creative and fun idea from our Parks and Recreation helps us all join in together, while we are all apart! Join in NOW!


For those who might want/need a heads start, use these templates!

25+ Free Printable Easter Egg Templates & Easter Egg Coloring ...


5+ ❤️Free Printable Easter Egg Templates❤️ | Printable ...


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