NO ONE GOES HUNGRY IN South City! An Update on Chajinel Foundation Efforts for Homebound Seniors in Need

South San Francisco, CA   April 24, 2020

We have many neighbors who are being financially impacted by this pandemic, including those who are at high risk of COVID due to physical vulnerabilities, such as Seniors and those with disabilities. CHAJINEL FOUNDATION wants to ensure they are taken care of, by delivering a box of food a week.

The Chajinel Foundation, with the support of Rocko’s Produce, South City Grocery Outlet, Everything South City, and South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce are excited to share this update;


As of this week, 34 families have received boxes of food, delivered to their homes!

We have raised $5000 and continue to add to our list of those in need, as our primary focus is on homebound seniors and those disabled. We are committed to delivering one box of food to each senior household on our list for the duration of shelter-in-place, and we ask our community for financial support to be able to do so.

We also appreciate our neighbors contacting us if they, or someone they know, be in need of food, and delivered to their homes.


We are stronger together, as this grassroots neighborhood effort is proving. Stay well South City!


If you would like to make a donation PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Please know 100% of your contribution will go towards food and supplies for homebound seniors in need, as this is an all-volunteer effort, by local businesses and neighbors. Donations are tax-deductible.


If you are a homebound senior, or person with disabilities, and have been financially impacted by this pandemic,   please contact us so we may help you.


CLICK HERE for more info


To read the original article and understand the full backstory of this effort, please CLICK HERE



Chajinel Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has partnered with Everything South City, Rocko’s Produce, South City Grocery Outlet, and the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to help our most vulnerable. Thank you for your support!


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