SMC Supervisor David Canepa’s April Newsletter: COVID-19 County Updates

South San Francisco, CA   April 2, 2020 by SMC Supervisor David Canepa

Dear friends,

I miss you.

It’s been a tough month for us all as we cope with the continuing fight against COVID-19. I believe though that if we stay home and follow the county health officer’s shelter in place orders, we will defeat this together.

We are in life-saving mode now. Make no mistake about it. Ten individuals in San Mateo County have now died from the virus. That is 10 too many. Fortunately, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors had the foresight March 10 to pledge $20 million on a 4-1 vote to continue operations at Seton Medical Center in Daly City which was facing imminent closure. Just three weeks later, its nurses, doctors and staff have now become an integral component of the state’s around-the-clock effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and care for its survivors.

In the time since that vote, the Board also has banned evictions of renters and created the San Mateo County Strong Fund with an initial $3 million in seed money to assist individuals, nonprofits and small businesses during this crisis. Visit the web site at We have also learned that the shelter in place order will be extended until May 3 with new restrictions meant to keep us all safe.

My staff has been asked not five, not 10 but thousands of questions from constituents in the past three weeks, many who are facing job losses; many who may have to close their small businesses; others who wonder if essential supplies such as toilet paper will be available when they shop; and others who wonder whether our health care professionals have the personal protective equipment needed to safely do their jobs.

We are doing our best to answer your questions. I can tell you that Seton does not currently have a good supply of PPE and will need more as we expect a surge in cases. There are now more than 400 individuals in the county who have tested positive for COVID-19, 10,000 in California and 213,000 in the United States.

I can tell you that unemployment benefits have been extended and that no-interest Small Business Administration loans are available to assist the lifeblood of the California economy – our small business owners. Go to to learn more.

I have also worked with the California Grocers Association to assure my constituents that hoarding and panic shopping are not necessary as the supply chain remains strong. Store hours have been modified and hours have now been set aside for older adults to shop for essential items such as medications, food and sanitary products.

Our older population is more at risk of suffering from complications from the coronavirus and we must do all that we can do to protect them. But younger adults are also at risk, which is why more restrictive orders to limit social activities have been implemented. We can all visit our beaches together when this is over.

In the meantime, get some exercise and continue to stay connected with family and friends. Most importantly, stay home.

I’ve been most comforted by the time I have been able to spend with my son Piero and wife Ana during this new normal. I also want to thank my staff for continuing to work with diligence during this global pandemic.

Together, we will get through this.

In friendship,

Important Numbers

Public Safety non-emergency services:
Colma: Police (650) 997-8321 – Fire (650) 755-5666 – Public Works (650) 757-8888
Daly City: Police (650) 991-8119 – Fire (650) 368-1421 – Public Works (650) 991-8038
Broadmoor: Police (650) 755-3840 – Fire (650) 755-5666 – Public Works (650) 363-4100
Brisbane: Police (415) 467-1212 – Fire (650) 368-1421 – Public Works (415) 508-2130
South San Francisco: Police (650) 877-8900 – Fire (650) 829-6645 – Public Works (650) 877-8550
San Bruno: Police (650) 616-7100 – Fire (650) 616-7096 – Public Works (650) 616-7065

Parks and Recreation/reserve park space or rent a facility/senior centers:
Colma: (650) 985-5678. Click here to visit website.
Daly City: (650) 991-8001. Click here to visit website.
Brisbane: (415) 508-2140. Click here to visit website.
South San Francisco: (650) 829-3800. Click here to visit website.
San Bruno: (650) 616-7180. Click here to visit website.

Serramonte Main Library, 40 Wembley Drive, (650) 991-8023
Westlake Library, 275 Southgate Ave., (650) 991-8071
John Daly Library, 134 Hillside Blvd., (650) 991-8073
Bayshore Library, 460 Martin St., (650) 991-8074
San Bruno Public Library, 701 West Angus Ave., (650) 616-7078
Skyline College Library, 3300 College Drive, (650) 738-4311
South San Francisco Main Library, 840 West Orange Ave., (650) 829-3860
Grand Avenue Library/South San Francisco, 306 Walnut Ave., (650) 877-8530
Brisbane Library, 250 Visitacion Ave., (415) 467-2060

The San Mateo Medical Center has two clinics in the North County including:

South San Francisco Clinic
306 Spruce Ave.
New Patients: (650) 372-3200
Make Appointment: (650) 877-7070

Mike Nevin Health Center
380 90th St.
(650) 301-8600
Offers general family medical services for San Mateo County residents including non-emergency urgent care. Located in the Mike Nevin Health Center Building at 380 – 90th Street, Daly City. Services include well baby clinic, immunization, HIV testing and counseling, AIDS clinic, adult primary care, senior care services, tuberculosis clinic, and nutrition and family planning services.

Ombudsmen Services:
Ombudsmen receive, investigate and resolve complaints including elder and dependent adult abuse made by or on behalf of, individual residents residing in long-term care facilities. Residents and/or their family members or friends can file a complaint directly to the local Ombudsman Program: (650)780-5707 or to the State office at 1-800-231-4024.

County Veterans Services Office:
Established in 1946, the San Mateo County Veterans Services Office (CVSO) helps veterans access state and federal benefits that help veterans, their spouses and family members. The CVSO also provides information and referrals to a wide range of services and connects veterans to programs such as the California Veteran College Fee Waiver for veterans and dependents. Call Ed at (650) 802-6598.

TIES Line for Aging and Adult Services:
For every reported case of older adult or dependent abuse, 24 cases go unreported. Signs of abuse can appear as unexplained bruising, depression, anxiety, unusual financial activity, isolation, fluctuations in weight or the inability to do daily tasks. If you suspect a loved one may be a victim of abuse, contact the TIES Line at (800) 675-8437 for resources and assistance. All calls are confidential. Help us break the cycle of abuse – it’s everyone’s business. Learn more about dependent and older adult abuse at

Project Sentinel
Project Sentinel is an HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency that (1) helps tenants and landlords resolve their rental housing problems through counseling, conciliation, and mediation; (2) investigates complaints of housing discrimination and provides counseling on fair housing issues; and (3) provides a complete suite of mortgage and homeownership related housing counseling services.  FREE Rental Housing Helpline: (650) 399-2149 1615 Hudson St., Suite A, Redwood City, CA 94061

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