Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County Supporting Essential Worker Families

South San Francisco, CA   May 19, 2020 Submitted by Aubrey Merriman, CEO, BGCNSMC


The uncertainty felt from COVID-19 is what many Club kids feel every day.  Even though everything looks different right now and while the experience has temporarily changed for kids, the resiliency and determination that defines Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County has never been stronger. We can’t control what’s happening tomorrow, but we can do every single thing possible today to make sure that the kids and families who need us, have us.



Making sure our Clubs are safe, healthy places for our kids and staff to come each day is our top priority. Rather than allowing parents to drop their kids off inside the Clubs, we meet the kids at the curbside and take their temperature before bringing them in. We also take the temperature of each staff member as well. We’re caring for kids every day that wouldn’t have had a way to stay safe or continue learning while their parents do the essential work that keeps our community going. Once packed with kids. Our Orange Park Clubhouse allows just cohorts of ten children to be together at a time, we have several cohorts of  ten children, segmented in different enclosed areas, and spaced out on carefully sanitized desks, chairs, and mats more than six feet apart.  We are providing a stable routine, fun activities, homework help and emotional support for kids who are adjusting to new environments and new friends. In some cases, children are affected by parents who are managing stressful work environments.




Powered by our critical circle of supporters, whose unwavering belief and financial investment and knowing that we are part of something so crucial is such a humbling honor.  While we continue to focus on how our country and Club to re-opens to a new environment, we are encouraged by and thankful for anchoring support from these incredible impact partners:


Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Broadcom Foundation

County of San Mateo – Supervisor Dave Pine

David & Lucile Packard Foundation

DPR Foundation

Genentech Foundation

Sand Hill Community Foundation


We are profoundly grateful for your grace, generosity, and goodwill.  The simple truth is that everything we can do at the Club is because of steadfast supporters like you; especially during a time of heightened stress and anxiety!






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