Important Messages from SSF Scavengers: Congratulations to Paige, overfilled bins, liner bags, Blue Line Transfer now open, and more

South San Francisco, CA   May 14, 2020


From SSF Scavengers: Congratulations to this highly intelligent, super dedicated, and awesomely fun young woman for winning the Resource Recovery Coalition of California President’s Scholarship! Everyone here at SSF Scavenger is super proud of you Paige– especially your dad. We can’t wait to hear what you learn from the Sustainable Hospitality Management Program at Cal State Monterey Bay. Go get ’em!


For those who don’t know, Paige’s dad is our very own Chris Axton. Chris has worked at SSF Scavenger since 2015. He helps run our Anaerobic Digestion Facility and provides support to local businesses who are working to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


The Resource Recovery Coalition of California is a trade association that SSF Scavenger Company has been a proud member of for decades. Our thanks to all the members for supporting and contributing to the President’s Scholarship.



Our Scavenger Company is an essential business and we are fortunate for that as we know how alarming it would be to live without them! As drivers continue making pickups during this shelter in place mandate they are finding residents bins too often overflowing, allowing trash to litter sidewalks, streets, other people’s homes, and is an open invitation to crows, rats, and other varmints that bring disease.


We need to step up and do better. We need to have some basic respect for those who are picking up our trash and not subject them to the extra work of picking up items that fall from overfilled bins. Yes, we all seem to have more trash while staying home, and getting rid of it can be problematic. Proper recycling does help tremendously is giving our grey bins more room for actual ‘trash’. And we need to be more respectful of our neighborhood and not allow our trash to become someone else’s problem. That is just not neighborly.  CLICK HERE to see SSFSC video



The Scavengers offer two free pickups during the year for bulkier items when you call ahead to schedule this service, plus recently Blue Line Transfer Station has reopened, with a few modifications due to COVID-19. During this shelter in place, the Buy Back Center and the E-waste/ BOPA Centers are not open.

For more info on the free pickups CLICK HERE.  For more info on Blue Line Transfer CLICK HERE.


The Scavenger Company would like residents to understand when liner bags should be used (gray bin only) and not used (green bin):

Plastic liner bags (including those sold as “bio” or “compostable”) are a serious challenge for recycling and organics processing. They are prohibited from use in residential blue and green carts for good reason.


Liner bags used for containing garbage bound for your gray cart are a different story. We encourage their use for items that present a threat to public health/safety: pet waste, diapers and wipes, dirty tissues, used gloves & masks, feminine hygiene products, styrofoam, broken glass, etc. When those items are securely bagged, the crows, raccoons, and winds have to work harder to get to them. The bags protect our drivers and help to keep our streets and waterways clean.


We know that bagging organics might seem like a good idea for the same reason, but if people only place what they should in their green cart, that material is biodegradable and non toxic.


Plus, if you are having trouble with wind or critters getting into your green cart, you can call SSF Scavenger Company at 650.589.4020 to request a cart with locking lid.



Appreciative neighbors give a BIG HEARTY THANK YOU

to our Scavenger Drivers!

THIS is what we need more of!! 


If you find a creative way to say THANKS, snap a photo and send it to

so we may share it with our larger community.

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Don Bowcutt
Don Bowcutt
3 years ago

Ed Bortoli, very good article. Well written!
We can all be reminded from time to time how to recycle properly.