Letter to Editor: Neighborhood Alert- Stranger going into mailboxes

South San Francisco, CA   May 14, 2020 by a South City residentTuttle police deliver advice to curb mail theft | Community ...

UPDATE EDIT: The ‘stranger’ in question is one of our most amazing neighbors who was picking up mail for a friend who is sheltered in place out of the country- and her own mail!!

Please, let this be a lesson to us all – while we need to be watchful of unknown people in our neighborhoods, if you are not in a threatened position perhaps ask the person – that is actually the neighborly thing to do.

So, NO stranger, no theft – actually a wonderful neighbor taking care of others.

PLEASE help get the word out about this update – as the alert has gone out to hundred(s) of people and we do not want our good neighbor to be harassed should someone see her in the area.

Thanks, neighbors!




Neighbors need to be made aware of this situation which happened on Tuesday, May 12th and contact SSFPD if you ever have concerns in your neighborhood:

I saw this person go into our mailboxes on Grand Ave and then walk 20 minutes and open mailboxes on Ridgeview Ct. I followed and confirmed they hit another home.

I reported to the police but they could not find him. If you see him, report it and watch your mailboxes. Please share, but not my name please.



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3 years ago

seems like everyone looks for an immediate negative these days. why didnt you just go up to this person if you were so concerned and flat out ask, ” excuse me im being nosy and i was wondering wth are you doing”? :)~~~

Rosana S
Rosana S
3 years ago

This is my friend. She devotes a lot of her time and money to our local community. She was picking up a friend’s mail then she walked to her own condo to pick her mail. Whoever followed her to take pictures is spreading alarming and fake news. My friend deserves an apology.

scott stohler
scott stohler
3 years ago

I implore the folks who moderate this page to do some research before posting unfounded, scary and potentially illegal images by a neighborhood vigilante. This person is a long time SSF Resident. One who gives a great deal to the SSF community. The two bottom images are at her own home – taking mail out of her own mailbox for the condo she has lived in well over ten years. The top photo is her checking the mailbox of a dear friend who is stuck out of town during the pandemic and needed her to find his EDD card so he could collect his unemployment and pay the rent.

There is a big difference between being vigilant and being a vigilante. And following someone, posting their photos on numerous public forums is likely illegal.

The person who posted this and this publication owes this person an apology.