NO ONE GOES HUNGRY: Homebound Seniors Receive Free Weekly Food Delivered to Their Home – FREE thanks to Chajinel Foundation

South San Francisco, Ca   May 8, 2020



Checks payable to CHAJINEL FOUNDATION can be mailed to Chajinel Home Care Services 208 Cypress Avenue South San Francisco 94080

Or via paypal CLICK HERE

Chajinel Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax-deductible 83-3441429 .

We all know this time in history is unprecedented and the impact on all of us can be overwhelming, and even more so for our neighbors who must remain isolated due to their health vulnerabilities. Our Seniors, and those disabled, that are not able to go out in public to shop for their basic needs are at the mercy of those of us who can help. Chajinel Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has stepped up to help those in need by creating NO ONE GOES HUNGRY campaign in partnership with Chajinel Home Care Services, Rocko’s Produce, South City Grocery Outlet, Everything South City, and our South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.


There is a feeling of accomplishment and independence when our Seniors can cook for themselves


Our goal is to provide one box of free food, per week, delivered for free, to the homes of those of our most vulnerable. While many stores now offer special hours for Senior shopping, sadly too often the lines are too long for many to stand and wait to even get into the store. We also have many Seniors who were gainfully employed prior to the shelter in place orders closing their jobs, leaving them with little to no income during this time.


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Boxes of food are put together by volunteers to ensure our most vulnerable have food to eat. Photo was taken at Chajinel Home Care Services at 208 ypress Ave SSF

{To view volunteers packing food via Chajinel’s FB page CLICK HERE}


As many in our community say ‘We are stronger together’, we are hoping to put those words to action and ask for donations to help us continue the work we are doing. Not only are our Seniors receiving delivered groceries, but they are also being supported to maintain their independence living on their own. Our Senior Housing developments offer community benefits that are not extended to those who live in their homes, thereby revealing a more vulnerable population that we mustn’t forget. The value of being independent and cooking for oneself is part of self-care, promotes creativity and engagement that a precooked meal may not provide.


COVID-19 statistics prove it is our Senior neighbors who have higher infection and death rates and a reason we must shelter in place, to help protect them especially, yet isolation has its own cruel problems. We have an opportunity to reach these neighbors to ensure they are NOT forgotten as they receive a weekly visit offering them provisions that will support them as they live independently. We cannot realize the feeling of accomplishment in cooking our own meals, in our own home, until that very simple aspect of life becomes threatened. Please help our neighbors remain independent!!


We need your help! Please donate to our cause and know 100% of the donations go directly to local Seniors in need.



Our Seniors need your help! Please think about those who live in your neighborhood that might benefit from this offering. You can download this flyer and leave on the doorstep as a way to reach out when we cannot meet face to face.




Chajinel Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has partnered with Everything South City, Rocko’s Produce, South City Grocery Outlet, and the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce to help our most vulnerable. Thank you for your support!


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Oksana Walton
Oksana Walton
3 years ago

I’d like to offer help – how can I sign up as a volunteer?