Update on Magnolia Senior Center Offered by Sharon Ranals, SSF Assistant Manager

South San Francisco, CA  May 23, 2020

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Once the City’s High School, and then a Recreation Center, the Magnolia Center is currently home to the Senior Center and Adult Daycare Program. {Photo: SSF.net}


Preface: Everything South City received a message from a neighbor, who is well received in the community, stating they had heard the Magnolia Senior Center was closing and asked us to post the question, anonymously, to see what other neighbors may know. We did. And we greatly appreciate Sharon Ranals responses as she worked to bring light to the situation. Below is part of that exchange.


‘I heard that the city is closing down the Magnolia Senior Center and turning it in to a childcare facility by September
No public meetings but a closed session tonight
Only Emails or phone calls accepted
Informing the public that it’s only being discussed at this time. But the deal is done’


From Ms Ranals:

There was a public Budget Sub-Committee meeting this afternoon, which was held in the Council Chambers, as a teleconference, and shown on the local Chanel 27. The City is facing a budget shortfall for the 2020-21 budget year due to Covid-related impacts, and is looking at expenditure reductions where possible and prudent. Staff have tried to estimate how long Magnolia may have to be closed, and estimate possible budget savings until the order is lifted, however there is no recommendation to permanently close or repurpose the building. Public input on budget recommendations is encouraged, and welcome; meetings and agendas can be accessed on the City’s website: https://ci-ssf-ca.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=775262&GUID=4648BFD0-82F7-442C-8DA0-F334A1542CDB&Options=info&

City of South San Francisco – Meeting of Budget Standing Committee of…

City of South San Francisco – Meeting of Budget Standing Committee of the City Council on 5/18/2020 at 3:00 PM


{Many neighbors shared memories of the Mag Center as it has been repurposed through the years.}


From Ms. Ranals:

We would like to thank all of those who utilize Magnolia Senior Center, and have expressed how much they appreciate the staff and value the programs. It is certainly important for residents to communicate their priorities to City Council during the budget process; there will be a budget Study Session on Tuesday, June 9, at 4:00 pm. If residents have suggestions or input for what they would like to see at the Center, please do not hesitate to contact us. I was involved in the conversion of Magnolia School to the Senior Center, which opened around 1988, and share the fondness expressed by others! Sharon.Ranals@ssf.net.


Magnolia Senior Center (3rd Floor), and the Magnolia Adult Day program (2nd Floor) are currently closed under the County’s Shelter in Place Order. As seniors are at higher risk, this group is of particular concern, and we will continue to follow County Health guidance on safe operation of senior programs.


Those who want to follow up on this item may want to attend the budget Study Session Tuesday June 9, at 4pm, per Sharon’s suggestion. If you have specific questions please know that Sharon Ranals has proven to be available to help residents find the information needed, as she can.


Those that would like to read the full post, including the memories of the ‘Mag’ shared by neighbors, CLICK HERE

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