Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County’s CEO Message on George Floyd

South San Francisco, CA   June 3, 2020 by Aubrey Merriman, CEO BGCNSM

Dear Circle of Supporters,


Following the images broadcast around the country over the past week, our nation is mourning. Much like you and your teams, my staff and I are carrying heavy hearts as we continue our service to this great mission. I know you stand with me in condemning the unacceptable and inhumane treatment and killing of George Floyd, and far too many before him. Our hearts, spirits, and minds are with the Black community today and the millions of people – the justice seekers – that continue to demonstrate against the murder of George Floyd, the murder of Breonna Taylor in her home, the video release of the murder of Ahmad Aubrey earlier this year, and the countless indignities that nameless, faceless Black people suffer on a constant basis, including in our sector.

The future of our nation rests in the hands of our young kids and teens – young people who are watching the news and their social media feeds, overhearing their parents’ conversations, worrying for their world and coming to your Club with concern in their eyes. With racist acts and national civil unrest combining with a global pandemic, our Club members – especially black and brown children and teens – need us.


We recognize the wounds of systemic racism in the United States that we are all working to heal. We understand the common denominator of hatred behind those injustices as they seek to besiege and silence those they oppress. We collectively stand against racism and white supremacy in the United States. We stand against police brutality inflicted on the Black community and other people of color. We are compelled to confront the racism and injustice that threaten the lives of so many in our community. We must stand up, speak out, take action, and fight for a better world for our youth.

We ask that you continue being leaders, working to dismantle the oppressive systems and immoral acts of those that harm our fellow colleagues and friends in the Black community. We see how you have inspired others worldwide to join you – including nonprofit leaders, so many young people, and some police officers. We are inspired and moved by this collective action and ask that you, our community members, continue to speak up and step out further in your action by deepening your involvement. Together we have a powerful voice, and as caretakers of our youth and children we have both the opportunity and responsibility to seek change on behalf of children.


We remain committed to our mission to inspire and enable young people to realize their full potential and contribute to their communities. Boys & Girls Club of North San Mateo County continues to promote equity for our youth and the world they live in. We stand in solidarity in support of basic human dignity and against systemic racism, violence, and discrimination of any kind.


With empathy and outrage,



Aubrey Merriman

Chief Executive Officer

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