Colma Creek Connector – Digital Storytime

South San Francisco, CA   June 11, 2020 Submitted by Marianne Glaser


Colma Creek Connector is the newest phase of the Resilient South City vision for SSF. Our focus is on increasing bike and pedestrian access, restoring the native ecology and improving water flow.

We’ve been working on this project for 3 years doing research on the creek, and working with local leaders to help make our vision a reality.  As we continue sheltering in place, we wanted to help our youngest South City residents learn more about the project, through our storybook “Christina Lives by a Beautiful Creek” that includes environmentally themed kid’s worksheets and activities, and details about a free bike giveaway! (Adults and kids can win!)


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Download a free version of “Christina Lives by a Beautiful Creek,” and related worksheets (English, Spanish, Tagalog, or Mandarin)

Request a free snail mail copy of the storybook

Watch Citycouncilmember Mark Nagales read  it with his adorable children

Enter to win a free bike!


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