Letter to Editor: Why no parking on El Camino Real near Kaiser?

South San Francisco, CA  June 22, 2020 by Catherine Mc

I will try to make this short. I am a resident of SSF and a Kaiser member. My question, why did the City take most of the street parking away from Kaiser members on El Camino?


I get so angry when I drive by and see the new sidewalk across from the hospital and the new vegetation sticking farther out than the sidewalk. Why couldn’t the city put in a sidewalk decades ago and allow cars to park?? On top of that, it looks like they took more spaces away on the Kaiser side to allow for trees?? I love trees, but there are many trees around Kaiser as it is.


I find it extremely hard to park in the garage for a number of reasons. City planners should be ashamed of themselves. All these years they denied parking on the opposite side of the street as there was no sidewalk. Now they make an extra-large sidewalk to make it look beautiful for the new municipal building.


It would be nice, if one time, city planners could take into account the true needs of the people.



Everything South City would like to share this information regarding changes on the El Camino Real, as part of the Grand Boulevard Initiative, a multi-agency effort to provide ‘people friendly places: El Camino Real will achieve its full potential as a place for residents to work, live, shop and play, creating links between communities that promote walking and transit and an improved and meaningful quality of life. To read more about the changes for all of ECR, funding, partnership, etc on this link:



South San Francisco Case Study Final Design & Construction

The City of South San Francisco, in collaboration with Caltrans, the San Mateo County Transit District, and the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County, is preparing final design plans for a portion of their Complete Street Case Study on El Camino Real. Building from the TIGER II Complete Streets Project (discussed above), this project will bring the City’s Case Study to fruition and truly become a model for other jurisdictions in the region.

This project focuses on the segment of El Camino Real between McLellan Drive and Kasier Way and proposes multimodal improvements to increase safety for all roadway users, to encourage walking, biking, and transit use along the Corridor, and to improve susatinability with green street features. New sidewalks, corner bulbouts at intersections, median pedestrian refuges, striped shoulders to facilitate bicycle use, and landscaping are proposed.

The South San Francisco Case Study was selected through a competitive application process among the four TIGER II Case Study cities. The design and engineering work is in progress, with construction expected to begin in 2017.



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2 years ago

Amen to that!

2 years ago

Complete b s you can not walk to Kaiser people come from a long way the parking is deplorable

mel perry
mel perry
2 years ago

the taj mahal must be built, screw the
citizens (remember, let them eat cake)?