Message from SSF Chamber: Protest March in SSF on Thursday, June 4th 11am-3pm

South San Francisco, CA   June 2, 2020 by SSF Chamber of Commerce

Protest March in SSF on Thursday, June 4th 11am-3pm

Thank you to the City of South San Francisco who partnered with the Chamber on providing our businesses the following information;


To our South San Francisco Business Community,


We have become aware of a planned demonstration/walk in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. This demonstration is scheduled for this Thursday, June 4th, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will start at City Hall, 400 Grand Avenue, and end at the Municipal Services Building, 33 Arroyo Drive, in South San Francisco. Peaceful demonstrations took place in Menlo Park and San Carlos yesterday. Additional demonstrations are also planned to take place in Redwood City today at 4:00 p.m., and East Palo Alto and San Mateo on Wednesday, June 3.


We expect Thursday’s demonstration to be peaceful and respectful. However, as a precaution, we ask local businesses to plan accordingly, such as removing any outdoor furniture and/or boarding windows.


We fully support peaceful protesting and those that wish to express their voices and feelings in a peaceful and lawful manner. However, we will not tolerate violence, property destruction, and criminal behavior in South San Francisco. We are fully committed to protecting our citizens, property, and businesses from those who harm our community. Those that violate the law will be sought out and held accountable for their actions through the criminal justice system.


To increase safety for demonstrators, law enforcement, and the South San Francisco community, the South San Francisco Police Department is actively preparing for this event, and will have a strong presence for safety and to allow for a peaceful and respectful demonstration.


Yesterday, Chief Azzopardi released a community message addressing the tragic death of George Floyd. His full message can be found here!


Please feel free to contact  with any questions or concerns you may have


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