Social Equity and Inclusion Statement from our Public Library

South San Francisco, CA  June 15, 2020 Submitted by SSFPL

Dear SSF Library Community,

We’d like to take a moment to address racial equity, freedom of expression, and the steps we are taking to reexamine our own institution and find ways to do better.
At the foundation of public library service is our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in our library programs, services, and collections. The staff of South San Francisco Public Library stands with Black Lives Matter in condemning racism and violence toward the Black community, and all People of Color.
We also affirm Freedom of Expression as a cornerstone of democracy. As public libraries have done for many years, we stand with those exercising their Constitutional rights of speech and protest. We invite you to learn more about Core Values of public libraries, including Intellectual Freedom, Diversity, Democracy, and Social Responsibility, among others, at the website of the American Library Association.
We would like to have a conversation with you about racial equity. While we have taken some initial steps to reexamine our collections, services, and programs from the lens of racial justice, we would like to incorporate as much community input into our planning as possible, and we welcome your perspective. Please contact us at or call (650) 829-3872.
To encourage community dialog, we want to make sure all South San Franciscans who are interested in learning about racial equity and the Black Lives Matter movement are able to access books and materials for themselves and their families. We are purchasing additional copies of relevant titles to meet demand. To request reading materials, please use our free curbside pickup service.
Book lists have been created to help you find your next read or documentary on racial justice:


Thank you for your interest in racial equity and your public library. We hope to hear from you soon.
Stay safe,
Valerie Sommer, Library Director
Diane Huddleston, President, Library Board of Trustees
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3 years ago

Ssf grand ave worst library ever! Violates constitutional rights.