South City Neighbor Seeks Help Locating Family Member from SF- please share!

South San Francisco, CA   June 9, 2020


A long time neighbor in South City is asking for our help in finding Davohnte Morgan, their family member, who lives in San Francisco and has been missing since Tuesday, May 5th from the Shasta area, where he was visiting. Someone somewhere must have information and we are asking that everyone help share this flyer and this message. Davohnte needs to be home, please help.



In addition, the family has established a fundraising campaign to help them with the extended costs associated with the search.

Please, help if you can, every amount is appreciated.




From the campaign website:

These are difficult financial times for most of us, but we have tried every which way and we can’t get around the need to ask for your financial support for Davohnte. We do this most humbly. For other ways to help, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizer.

On May 3, 2020, Davohnte Morgan took a trip from his home in the San Francisco Bay Area to Mount Shasta, California, 300 miles north. He traveled by car with his girlfriend, and they were staying in a hotel room for the night of May 4. The next morning, Tuesday, May 5, after the two had had an argument, Davohnte was last seen on surveillance video walking down Mt. Shasta Blvd., wearing a black long sleeved shirt, black sweatpants, and SF 49ers slide sandals. He has not been seen since, has not used his debit card or his cell phone, and has not made contact with his family, with whom he is extremely close.

The family are worried sick about Davohnte. He is believed to have had the car keys with him (not found in the hotel room), but has not taken the car. He is a smoker, but has not bought cigarettes. He has never been one to worry his family or friends, particularly his beloved grandmother, even in the most stressful personal times. Davohnte is in serious trouble.

This request for funds is being made so that we can pay for:

– Private investigation services

– Additional investigation expenses such as canine trackers, possible equine search, printing and distribution of flyers, etc.

– Daily expenses for family and other volunteers who have planted themselves in Mount Shasta and will stay there until they get some answers. This is far from home for everyone, and multiple loved ones have left their daily lives and paychecks to look for Davohnte, and will not stop looking.

– Other expenses that may befall the family in association with this effort to find Vohnte and bring him home.

Davohnte is absolutely cherished, and words can’t begin to scratch the surface when trying to express how much he is missed and how much pain this enormous absence is causing.

It’s been five weeks now. Our hearts are broken and the family just wants to bring him home.

We humbly ask for your assistance with the expenses needed to keep going, because we will not stop until we find him.


Please share for awareness and note that a $25,000 reward is being offered! [These funds are being guaranteed by a separate source and are not available for the above expenses.]

If you have any information regarding Davohnte’s whereabouts, please contact:

Chris Cook, Cook & Associates Private Investigations, (707) 839-7422


Mount Shasta Police Department, (530) 926-7540. Davohnte’s case number is 2005M0110.



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