Support Grocery Outlet’s FEED THE NEED Campaign Through Out July

South San Francisco, CA  June 30, 2020

Whenever there is a need in South City you will most probably find Michele and Dave Radcliffe involved, especially if it relates to helping to feed our local families in need. Michele and Dave are not only amazing neighbors, they also are the owners/operator of South City’s Grocery Outlet in the Hickey Shopping Center, and have partnered with Everything South City on many programs to ensure our neighbors do not go hungry. And once again they step up while offering us all a way to make a difference.


“It’s our 10th Anniversary of Independence from Hunger,”  Michele told us.  “All the money collected goes straight to South City’s ST. VINCENT DE PAUL and they are giving out bags of food every week.”



How does the Anniversary of Independence from Hunger work? Easy Peasy and a Win/Win!! If you donate $5 you will receive a $5 coupon to be used at a future visit on a purchase of $25 or more {limit 1 coupon per donation}. Want to donate more than $5? Do it!! “The need is greater than ever right now!’ Michele said.


The Radcliffes are also some of the best employers you will find, always taking care of their staff. When the Shelter in Place first started, they allowed their employees an hour of FREE shopping, paying their wages AND for their groceries!! {CLICK HERE for video!}


To help entice us all to donate as much and as often as we can, they have set up a friendly competition among their employees. “We are also rewarding the cashier with the highest collections a paid day off!” Michele explains. “Please consider donating to help those, right here, in South City.”

South City Grocery Outlet is open daily from 8am to 9pm 

125 Hickey Blvd (off El Camino Real) in the Hickey Shopping Center


And here are some great insider tips:

*You can now bring your re-usable bags in the store. To limit exposure for our cashiers, we just ask that you bag them.

*Start stocking up for your Independence Day weekend treats and save on Capri Sun 10 packs, Driscoll’s Strawberries, Sanderson Farms Chicken Breasts, So Delicious Frozen Desserts, and more!

*Weekly deals can be found on this link CLICK HERE

And remember when you shop South City Grocery Outlet first, your grocery budget goes farther!


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Sonya ruvera
Sonya ruvera
4 years ago

How do I sign up for feed the need to get food?