Chajinel Foundation Offering Help to South City Home-bound Neighbors: Help Us Help Them!

South San Francisco, CA  July 12, 2020

Miriam is homebound, living alone with no family in the area, and has health concerns that do not allow her to be out in the general public. Working to recover from the knee surgery she underwent right before the shelter in place mandate, Miriam, who’s health is further compromised by diabetes, has relied on the kindnesses of others to help maintain her independence. Her only income is her Social Security which does not go far, and she can no longer work.


Miriam has been an active member of our South City community for over 30 years and values her independence very much. The high level of COVID-19 cases at many of the skilled nursing homes proves it is more important nowadays that our seniors are able to remain in their homes independently, as they can. And as a community, we have the opportunity to help them in support of the Chajinel Foundation’s program NO ONE GOES HUNGRY IN SOUTH CITY.



Daniela Jonguitud, the owner of Chajinel Home Care Services, immediately saw the need with our Senior population to be safely sheltered in place, and because of the work she does with her business, she realized how a little support could go a long way. Daniela is the CEO of Chajinel Foundation, a 501(3)(c) non-profit and in April partnered with Rocko’s Produce, Everything South City, South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, South City Grocery Outlet, and Succulents by Sue to offer the help needed. While these organizations have done what we can, we really need the full help of our community to continue our mission.



Checks can be made out to Chajinel Foundation

and mailed to 208 Cypress Avenue South San Francisco 94080

As we get older we realize more and more of our life is taken away, bit by bit with our bodies taking a hit with illnesses and chronic health conditions, we may lose our ability to be mobile, to drive or take public transportation, our working days are behind us leaving us with limited income while prices continue to rise, loved ones pass on taking with them shared memories, new friends become harder to make. Now add a pandemic and shelter in place, a whole world has gone upside down, not what our seniors had planned for, and they, like us all, are trying to find a new normal. And they need our help. Remember, you too will age in time, and now is the time to pay it forward.


To remain independent, living in our own home, has value beyond measure. One of the most life-affirming experiences we might have is providing our own meals, to savor the smells of fresh foods, the sizzling sounds of our food cooking, to recreate family recipes of comfort, to be involved in feeding ourselves what we want, when we want, becomes even more important as we witness the normal loses associated with aging.


Photo by CDC on Unsplash


To age with dignity. With grace. With independence. With the help of our community.


Your tax-deductible donation to our campaign goes 100% to purchase items needed by our Seniors. To date, over 300 boxes of food and supplies have been delivered to South City residents, free of charge. And we need to continue our work through these tough times because it is the right thing to do and we need your help.


Miriam, like so many others in this program, are now part of the daily life at Chajinel Foundation. They receive regular check-ins, along with boxes of free food and goods, a smile with words of encouragement, a sweet gift crafted by Succulents by Sue. They know they are not forgotten and that they are still valuable neighbors of ours. “We are happy to be able to provide for them, not only food, but also supplies they need to stay clean and safe, and the support to know they are not alone,” Daniela said. “We hope we can continue to help others in need like Miriam, at least under this difficult time is over, and we definitely need your help. If you find it in your heart to support us to support our community, PLEASE MAKE A DONATION HERE


Succulents by Sue has blessed our homebound Seniors with sweet intentions to brighten their day


We greatly appreciate the major financial backing of the program by Chajinel Home Care Services, Rocko’s Produce, South City Grocery Outlet, Everything South City, and Chamber CEO Liza Normandy and realize we have reached a point where your help is needed. Please help us to help all the Miriams in our community to remain safe at home independently. Every donation helps! And please, remember to support those who support our community – we are in this together and stronger when we unite!


‘Chajinel’ literally translates to ‘Care of the Soul’, which is Daniela’s calling as exemplified in both her volunteer work with the Foundation and her business at Chajinel Home Care Services.


To learn more about Chajinel Home Care Services CLICK HERE located at 208 Cypress Ave 650-741-6107

To learn more about Rocko’s Produce CLICK HERE located at 125 Terminal Court {Produce Terminal} 650/410.5151

To learn more about South City Grocery Outlet CLICK HERE located at 125 Hickey Blvd {Hickey Shopping Center} 650/550.1100

To learn more about South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce CLICK HERE located at 213 Linden Ave 650/588.1911

To learn more about Succulents by Sue CLICK HERE located in South San Francisco 650/296.6573

To learn more about Everything South City CLICK HERE located in South City email



Checks can be made out to Chajinel Foundation

and mailed to 208 Cypress Avenue South San Francisco 94080


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mel perry
mel perry
3 years ago

i find it ironic, that the city of SSF is
relying on volunteers and donations
to the private sector, while planning
a multi million dollar taj mahal for a
monument to the politically bankrupt
city fathers, while next door the city
of san bruno takes care of its seniors
free of charge, WHAT IS WRONG WITH
THIS PUCTURE?, remember YOU voted
for these clowns