New Street Sweeping Resumes With New Schedule

South San Francisco, CA  July 6, 2020 Press Release

New Street Sweeping Schedule
Effective Mon., June 29
A new street sweeping schedule is in place as of Monday, June 29 in South San Francisco. We are encouraging all residents to abide by the no parking street signs. A grace period is in effect. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many residents are working from home and the parked vehicles will affect many neighborhoods.  We will make every effort to effectively execute sweeping operations.
To see the list of the new schedule, please visit here.
Questions? Please email
To view the map of the new route, please visit here. Or see below
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3 years ago

In response to Maggie and her comment about the street sweeper…remember street sweeping is part of a larger communal neighborhood good. If we all did our part to take pride in our community and keep it clean we wouldn’t need a city government to clean up after us; however, that being said “Everything South City” doesn’t have control over the street sweepers you have to address any specific complaints directly with the city maintenance department but some additional things you may want to consider before doing so. Street cleaning is enforced in the grid/route for a period of only (3) hours (from 8-11A) so in order to clean all those streets in that time, and they know their routes and schedules, they do not speed through neighborhoods, but they have to go fast enough to get the job done. Also they are always having to deal/go around cars that don’t move by 8A and are moving their cars back way too early before the 11A deadline. So I think they do a fairly decent job and we’re lucky to have the service provided. The effort you take of moving your car is rewarded fully (but not getting a ticket wink-wink) so I consider that a win in my book. Also I find that the city does a great job, in the early weeks when street cleaning resumed and folks still weren’t moving their cars, quite a bit of debris was pilling up, I emailed the city and they got it cleaned up same day.

3 years ago

Why is the street sweeper driving by so terribly fast? I made an effort to move my car. There was 5 houses In a row cleared of cars, and he never got near the street curve. And he went by in a fast pace. Why move my car when the job isn’t getting done?

matiana barrera
matiana barrera
3 years ago

How long will the grace period be in effect? When will cars begin to be tagged again if not moved. There are too many of us still WFH.