Real Estate Course at College of San Mateo Now Offered Online: Register Today!

South San Francisco, CA   July 19, 2020 Submitted by Prof. Marc Gottlieb

“Lead” Prof. Marc Gottlieb
(’47 years helping CSM students SUCCEED!”)
and I feel so very very very YOUNG now that UPI has distributed this article…
… 77 years on the same job, HA!   wow!  she’s really amazing…



REAL ESTATE (Interested?) (Want a License of your own?) (Career Opportunities)
Sign-ups are NOW for all College of San Mateo (CSM) classes, including REAL ESTATE!
As is widely said, “More money is made in Real Estate than in any other sector of the American
Sign-up online or call the very nice Admissions staff on 650/574-6165 for any needed assistance with
enrolling or the small fees.
Real Estate Practice 110: (Course Registration Number or CRN is: 96870)
Featured “Careers” class.
Learn how some of our finest and most successful realty agents earn their famous "super-sized"
commissions (which can easily range from say $20,000 to $100,000 for each transaction, depending on
several factors including the sales price). Some key legal and practical aspects of the work. Plus, how
to get started as quickly and successfully as possible.
This course credits towards qualifying for a California Real Estate Sales license. (For those interested,
it also transfers to all 23 California State University campuses and most other colleges.)

SIGN-UPS are NOW at the college website , or call the very nice
Admissions Office folks for any needed assistance enrolling on 650/574-6165 . (Please have CRN
number 96870 and credit card ready and allow them a few minutes to help get you enrolled properly;
thank you.).
CSM is our local, Not-for-profit, Public Community College.
CSM is Fully Accredited.
For any RE classes info, email .
(ps: Please note that these classes fill up very rapidly. Those who couldn't get in last time are invited
to sign up quickly to get in NOW while there's still room. Thanks.)


CSM offers many additional fine classes including Business, Accountancy, Computers, and many
more. Ask!

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CSM Student
CSM Student
2 years ago

Marc loves to spout his “Right-Wing Agenda” in class and when you question it, he censors the student from the class.

I have never had such an awful instructor in my life that is unwilling to accept his biases.

We have a problem at our college district and that is the elderly past retirement who no longer care about their behaviors in class, but instead feel that their words are all scripture. He acts like a dictator as if his words are science yet he lacks any form of bias training.

San Mateo College District needs to hire new teachers and fire this hack job.