SSF Sister City to Participate in U.S.-Japan Sister Cities Bell Ringing August 5th and 8th on City Hall Stairs

South San Francisco, CA  July 31, 2020 Submitted by Frank McAuley, President SSF Sister Cities Association

Please join us for the Bell Ringing event on the steps of City Hall which will be held at 4:15 pm on Wednesday, August 5th.
The purpose is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. We will be joined by other Sister Cities across the USA and in Japan and the time will be the same actual time of the bombing in Japan which will be 8:15 am on August 6th.
As you know, President Eisenhower created the sister city program in order to help achieve world peace through citizen diplomacy, people to people. This is our opportunity to also celebrate 75 years of peace with Japan.
We will have a second Bell Ringing event at City Hall at 7:02 pm Saturday, August 8. This will commemorate the bombing of Nagasaki.
We plan to video both events and the Sister Cities International will put all submitted videos together for a later presentation.
SO, please come and support world peace and bring a bell if you have one, We want to ring bells for 75 seconds to mark the years since the atomic bombing.
See you there,
Frank McAuley
President, South San Francisco Sister Cities Association
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Mary Andersen
Mary Andersen
3 years ago

Are coronavirus protocols (masks, social distancing etc.) being enforced as they should be for the bell ringing ceremony on all days?