California Water Service Responds to CPUC M-WRAM Decision

South San Francisco, CA  August 28, 2020 by Don Jones, Corporate Communications Specialist, Calwatercalwater logo


California Water Service appreciates all the organizations and individuals that took time to express concerns regarding the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proposal to eliminate the best-practice water conservation tool of decoupling, which would increase water bills on millions of Californians, especially those who use the least amount of water.”


“While we are disappointed the CPUC voted today to adopt the proposal, we are pleased that efforts to have the decision become effective immediately were rejected.  As a result, there will be no near-term rate impacts to low-volume water users from this decision.  Between now and our next summer, we will be focused on evaluating options that allow us to implement this decision in a manner that seeks to minimize bill impacts on low-volume water customers, many of whom are low-income, and continue to improve sales forecasting.



To read the CPUC press release on this subject CLICK HERE

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