GAME ON! Gotta Try Entrepanes Sandwich Co Today!

South San Francisco, Ca  August 21, 2020

Introducing ENTREPANES Sandwich Co.

GAME ON info below!

Already having established a thriving business on Grand Avenue, Victor Caicero saw another golden opportunity when a great location opened up at 331 Baden Avenue for another venture. He knew their Antigua Coffee Shop was well received in the community and he knew he and his partners had a knack for creating delish sandwiches and the area was ripe for Entrepanes Sandwich Co to be born. That was March 1st. Within a week we would be subject to mandatory quarantine due to COVID-19 and everyone’s life changed forever.


Since that time, Victor and Montserrat, and their partners, have worked triple time to ensure their businesses survive during these trying times while supporting other local shops, knowing we are all in this together. That is one thing that really makes them stand out – they always include other businesses in their successes. And they have been successful with a few other eateries in the East Bay, all new startups, and they take great pride in what they’ve created, what they offer, and in those who work for them, and with them.


Montserrat, pictured in the center, at the March 2020 Chamber Awards Dinner, with Chamber CEO Liza Normandy (L), and co-workers Linda and Arlene. This was the last event before shelter in place was mandated Photo courtesy of Liza Normandy


This quarantine has wiped out so many small businesses we can no longer keep count and we need to support those still standing throughout this tough period. Now is the time we need to give back the love to those that have supported our community at every single turn; all those free gift certificates, food trays, coffee services, etc., that they’ve given out for years to benefit our sports programs, our kids school programs, our Chamber events, all our non-profit gatherings that they have lifted whenever asked.


Victor and Monse have made South City their home, they are our neighbors, our community leaders, and our friends. They are determined to not only remain here but to thrive personally and professionally. This is home.


This was waaay too big, I had to share!! YUM!!


While I’ve been the biggest fan of Antigua’s since they opened, I had yet to try their new place until yesterday – and I was amazed, which is pretty amazing in itself as I am not a big fan of sandwiches in general. But their Chicken Pesto sandwich was so delicious that I actually decided to do this write up about them today. Yup, that good. And it was so big I had to share, leaving me today wanting more. Yup, that good.


They also offer box lunches perfect for those on the go or for delivery to businesses



Catering is also available – Great for those times we are able to safely get together with our loved ones, spend time together and not cooking!

Perfect for businesses that have remained open! A wonderful gift idea for those who want to treat our frontline workers too!

Who would you send a surprise lunch to?

See our GAME ON below!!


One of the reasons their food is so great is the attention and love they put into each bite – and due to their sous vide method used on their meats, as they explain;


We cook our meats (chicken and Tri-Tip) based in sous vide method. That’s why our sandwiches are so delicious.

What is Sous Vide?

Developed in the mid-1970’s by a French chef, sous vide cooking is now a fixture in many commercial kitchens. Defined as “under vacuum,” sous vide is the process of slow-cooking vacuum sealed food with water set to a specific temperature.

Why we cook our meats with sous vide?

Enhanced flavours
Healthier result
Better textures and tenderness
Never overcooked
Perfect every time


Are you hungry yet? I was, just writing this and remembering how delicious that sandwich was last night….. so I had to run over and grab another one right now before they close at 5:30pm! Born and raised in South City, I decided my next taste would be their special ‘South City’ sandwich on dutch crunch. OH. MY. GAWD! Is it wrong that I don’t want to share?


Today I just had to try the South City sandwich on dutch crunch. The way the meat is prepared – Wow. Seriously – you HAVE to taste this!


GAME ON Contest

To help introduce our neighbors to this newfound favorite spot, Everything South City is hosting a GAME ON starting today with the winners randomly picked. *

To enter:

Pick up a sandwich at Entrepanes Sandwich Co, take a photo, and share the photo with us! Send to  or post on our social media

When we have 10  FIVE!! entries we will *randomly pick TWO winners and we will pay for your lunch – up to $25 per lunch!

When we have 25 TEN! entries we will *randomly pick ONE winner to receive a $100 gift certificate, compliments of ESC, so you can share with your crew!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your meal NOW  and get that photo to us, or post on our social media – Let’s do this!

{Deadline for $25 lunch Tuesday, August 25th, deadline for $100 gift cert Tuesday, September 1st}


Support your local small businesses and come on down to Entrepanes Sandwich Co and enter our GAME ON today!


331 Baden Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Photo by 5* Paolo B. on Yelp

Tel: (650) 273 1005

MONDAY:  9:30AM – 5:30PM

TUESDAY:  9:30AM – 5:30PM

WEDNESDAY:  9:30AM – 5:30PM

THURSDAY:  9:30AM – 5:30PM

FRIDAY: 9:30AM – 5:30PM

SATURDAY:  9:30AM – 3:00PM



They accept orders thru:


-Phone orders

-Online orders


-Grub Hub

-Uber Eats

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