Roger Cain Photography: Antonov Airlines AN-124 Ruslan lands at SFO

South San Francisco, CA   August 14, 2020 By Roger Cain

Another Antonov Airlines AN-124 Ruslan arrived at SFO. Dated 8-11-20




This big guy was coming in at 125 knots, anyone available to fly me to do an air to air with him next time?

Phone and Fax numbers are on the fuselage if anyone needs to hire them? Hahaha. Dated 8-11-20




Alaska Airlines stayed high above this guy, the last thing he wanted to do was get caught in his turbulent air.

A Southwest inline behind the AN-124 had to go around. dated 8-11-20



With the nose wheels still in the air, Sign Hill is in the background, and the Super Bay hangar to the right is where it is now parked.

A southwest coming in behind had to do a go-around as this big guy didn’t clear the runway very quickly. dated 8-11-20




A big thank you to Roger’s colleague Clark Cook for allowing us to share a few of his photos from this same Antonov at SFO after it landed



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