4 Winners of Cheese and Charcuterie Platter Announced: GAME ON Red Sky Photos

South San Francisco, CA  September 10, 2020

Wow, what an amazing show of photos we had on our Facebook page in response to yesterday’s post:

Can 2020 get any crazier – shh- don’t ask!
What a tremendous reminder of the horrific wildfires burning down our States as we keep all those impacted in our thoughts.
Share your photos and where/when they were taken – caption if you can.
Let’s make some happy inside this gloom – GAME ON – 4 winners will randomly be chosen – prizes have yet to be determined but we’ll make ’em good. Sound like fun? {we try!}
We had over 200 responses with some incredible photos documenting a day the sun did not come out because of the wildfire smoke and soot so heavy in our air. We thank everyone who shared their views, it was a somber reminder of what so many others are tragically experiencing.
To realize the depth of tragedy so many others are dealing with, and all the responders out there working tirelessly in unrelenting conditions, we remain humbled and grateful for all that we have.
We had decided our prize would be a Cheese and Charcuterie Platter delivered to our winners home, either Saturday or Sunday this weekend, yet when we contacted the owners of this venture we were once again reminded of the goodness of our neighbors. 
“How shall ESC pay for the 4 platters while having the winners contact you direçtly?” I wrote to Dina and Murad Bshara, knowing the regular order form wouldn’t work. 
“It is our pleasure to donate the platters” Dina responded, “In a time like one we are in now, I believe more kindness is needed.”

A huge thank you to the Bshara’s – please support those who support us and our community!

Perfect for 2-3 people!

And now we announce our winners randomly chosen by our admin team:

*Renee Smith

*Penny Sharpe

*Maryann Mathesen

*Moira Wilmes

Please contact us immediately so we can get your orders in before deadline tomorrow – News@EverythingSouthCity.com


by Maryann Mathesen

by Penny Sharpe

by Renee Smith


by Moira Wilmes


To view more of the incredible photos submitted to us, please CLICK HERE


A few of the photos that really expressed the day:

by Kathy Albera



by Andrea Lim Irwin


Recent world happenings have some asking…. is this the end?


To learn more about Dina & Murad’s Cheese and Charcuterie Platter please CLICK HERE


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