SSFPD Investigating Alleged Assault on Trail by Genentech

South San Francisco, CA   September 21, 2020

A message that was posted on another social media platform regarding an alleged assault on the Bay Trail next Genentech was sent to us the other day. While we work to keep ESC outreach in real-time as much as we can, we wanted to be sure this information was correct and not unduly alarm those who use our local trails. South San Francisco Police Department’s Public Information Officer has confirmed this crime was reported last Thursday, September 17th, and is actively being investigated. They are now working to identify the suspect.


If you have any information that might benefit our Officers in finding this person, please contact them anonymously at 650/952.2244 or the general line at 650/877.8900.

Remember if you see something, say something so we can best keep our community safe!


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