SSFPD Media Release: Suspects Arrested in Habitual Burglary and ID Theft

South San Francisco, CA  September 8, 2020 Submitted by SSFPD

Habitual Burglary and Identity Theft Suspects Arrested


On the evenings and early morning hours of February 15, February 20, February 23, February 27, June 30 and July 13, 2020, numerous thefts and burglaries occurred of vehicles parked in the Paradise Valley, Sign Hill and Baden neighborhoods of South San Francisco. In several of the thefts/burglaries, credit/debit cards were stolen from the vehicles and subsequently used at several businesses in South San Francisco and San Francisco.


Surveillance footage was obtained from some of the crime scenes as well as the businesses where the fraudulent transactions occurred and Detectives were able to identify the suspects responsible as 27 year old Wade Rawlings (transient out of Sunol, California) and 30 year old Melanie Anguiano (transient out of Livermore, California) as the suspects responsible for the series of crimes. Additional search warrants were obtained, which yielded further evidence linking Anguiano and Rawlings to the crimes.


Detectives secured arrest warrants for Rawlings and Anguiano, for which they were located and arrested for on August 26, 2020 and August 30, 2020, respectively.


Anyone with information related to these incidents is encouraged to contact the South San Francisco Police Department at 650-877-8900.

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John L
John L
3 years ago

Was curious about this case as my car was burgalarized around this same time. Unfortunately what I found was bad reporting and if anything, a defamation lawsuit. First off, neither of these individuals were arrested on either of these days, and when I try and find information on the case to see if maybe they were tied to the theft in my neighborhood, all I found was that they were both charged, very randomly I might add, with felony conspiracy? Which in law school, means theres about 0 evidence of legitimate crime. Furthermore, it appears that Ms. Anguiano hasnt ever been arrested, booked, or even arraigned? Theyre both listed as transients yet somehow the police obtained evidence of a felony conspiracy?

This is the 3rd thing ive investigated from this site and honestly its a huge let down finding that my own city has a news organization that is feeding purely false information.

I will not be continuing reading anything from they post misleading and false articles. I sincerely hope these two kids arent railroaded by San Mateo Superior Court, as I have worked as an ADA there for two decades.

Michael Duong
Michael Duong
3 years ago

My 2014 Toyota sienna was broken into twice during the last serval months. I live at 868 olive ave. The first time was around February time frame and the second was 2 weeks ago. Some if the items taken were a camera, several sunglasses (Oakley’s, gucci), chargers a military grade flashlight, registration, vehicle maintence records. I did not report either incident, I live at 868 olive ave, ssf. I did not get any pictures or evidence during the burglaries. If there is any chance to retrieve the items or if there is any chance to help, I would gladly abligde. Thank you

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Duong

U live about 2 blocks up from me, I gave ssfpd my camera footage for all the dates listed as I live on the corner house. I never heard anything back but from my own investigating of my CCTV and this news article im definitely confused. On each an every one of these days in February a average height, white or hispanic male walks by my house. And on the 20th I even matched him as passenger in a green SUV with one black male driver. absolutely no females seen?.my hubby said it looks like a 90s ford explorer. according to google this rawlings guys mugshot is 100% not the man that was lurking on those nights

And our tesla was opened and my purse stolen on July 28 this year. looks to me to be the same guy as last year but he brought a taller friend you can clearly see they’re two Hispanic males in their 20s

I’m not so sure these two transients from the east Bay are the culprits, rawlings has a mugshot and so does anguiano if you Google the their names. they most definitely are drug addicts and theives but they also most definitely aren’t the burglars here in South San Francisco, neither have had a single arrest since 2018 other than what this site claims back in 2020.

my suggestion to u neighbor is invest in an Arlo cam system.

Last edited 2 years ago by Alicia
3 years ago

Good work SFPD !

mel perry
mel perry
3 years ago

yeah, the welfare system is working
as feared, criminals from other
counties and states, can sign up with
no questions asked, and committ
crimes while on welfare, THANK YOU