Update on Animal Carcass in Dumpster

South San Francisco, CA   September 21, 2020

Everything South City was asked to find more information about a post on a social media platform that stated a dog was found dead, skinned, and cut in pieces, in a dumpster at Walgreens. The original post resulted in many comments with neighbors expressing concern that a serial killer in the making might be lurking amongst us. This is not the case and we hope the correct information, which still upsetting to many, might alleviate some concerns.


We thank the South San Francisco Police for updating us with this information below:


The incident was reported to the police on 09/13/20 at 0726 hours. Our officers were on-scene to investigate at 0732 hours. A thorough investigation was done and the SPCA was notified and got involved as well. An investigation determined the deceased animal was the remains of a wild pig/boar. It is apparent that someone dumped the remains after a recreation hunt. There is no merit to the information posted on Nextdoor. The animal was not a dog and much of the other information listed in the post is inaccurate as well.

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Jeffrey Tong
Jeffrey Tong
2 years ago

Whether animal was a cat, dog, opossum, or pig is irrelevant. It is still murder!

mel perry
mel perry
3 years ago

walgreens doesn’t have outside security