Work-From-Home Tips to Help You Succeed Long-Term; by Guest Contributor Kelli Brewer

South San Francisco, CA  September 22, 2020 by Kelli Brewer,


More and more people are finding that working from home improves their lives in a number of ways. Not only does it allow you more freedom and flexibility, but it can also provide you with more time to spend with loved ones and engage in activities unrelated to work.


However, it also comes with its challenges, so it’s important to approach it the right way if you want to be successful long-term. Whether you’ve been offered an opportunity to work remotely for a company or you’re considering starting a home-based business, here are some tips to keep in mind as you get started:


Expanding/Improving Your Skill Set

First of all, it’s important to embrace the fact that you can always be better at what you do. Take the skills you’ve acquired over the years, and see how you can build upon them.


  • Study your field relentlessly by consuming every book, article, and tutorial you can find.
  • Also, look for industry-related and business leadership videos.
  • Moreover, consider taking your education a step further and earning a business degree, which you can do via the web.
  • Find a mentor who can act as your sounding board.
  • Throughout developing your business, turn to Everything South City for pertinent local news and resources.


Creating an Environment for Success

Much of your success will depend on the environment you make for yourself.


  • Designate a space in your home where you can work productively.
  • Outfit your workspace with all the items you need, such as office equipment, furnishings, fixtures, and decor.
  • Make sure your workspace shows some of your personality, but if you expect visitors on a regular basis, make sure it caters to them as well.
  • Develop a work routine that will help you stay motivated and on track.
  • Don’t forget about your health and well-being; prioritize things like eating well, exercising, getting sleep, and spending time with loved ones.


Veteran-Specific Ideas

From financial assistance programs to work opportunities, there are special considerations to make as a veteran.


  • Look into all the veteran resources offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA), such as financial backing and training programs.
  • Consider getting into social media influencing, blogging, online teaching/consulting, or human resources recruiting, all of which can be great jobs for veterans.
  • Furthermore, studying other businesses that have succeeded is a great way to learn, and there are many top-notch companies that were founded and/or are owned by veterans.


If you prepare and set yourself up for success, deciding to work from home can be one of the best things you’ve ever done. Be sure to look for ways that you can build your skillset, and create an inspiring workspace that includes all the tools and equipment you need. And if you’re a veteran, make sure you’re taking advantage of the unique opportunities and resources at your disposal.




About Kelli Brewer

Kelli Brewer is proud of her military family and is passionate in supporting military families. Together with her husband, they created DeployCare to offer understanding and support to our service members and their families before, during, and after deployments


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