Diamond Fire on Sign Hill

South San Francisco, CA   October 16, 2020


Photo Credit: Roger Cain


Per Firedispatch.com, a fire on Sign Hill was called in a bit before noon today, identifying Diamond Ave as the access point. With hot weather and dry conditions, the fire spread fast and furious and was quickly contained by the joint efforts from multiple agencies by 2:00 pm.


Local residents were evacuated from Ridgeview Court, Ridge Court, Carnelian, Road, Sonja Road, Viewmont Terrace, and Mountain Road, with reports of possible damage to a home on Mountain Road. A total of 121 homes were evacuated with the MSB on Arroyro serving as the evac center.


121 homes were evacuated, ringing around Sign Hill.



The fire, named the Diamond Fire, burnt 15 acres before emergency crews knocked it down.


Mutual aid came from many departments including CalFire, North County Fire Authority, Colma Fire Protection District, San Bruno Fire Dept, Central County Fire Department, San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department, San Mateo County Fire Deparment, and of course, South San Francisco Fire Department. Per SSFFD, a total of 20 Fire Engines, 5 Battalion Chiefs, 4 Aircraft, 2 Hand Crew, and 1 Bulldozer responded with a total of 110 personnel. Crews were still out today, Saturday, as the investigation continues.


South City photographer Roger Cain captured firefighters working on the aftermath of yesterday’s Diamond Fire



Aftermath of yesterdays ‘Diamond Fire’ on Sign Hill


Aftermath of yesterdays ‘Diamond Fire’ on Sign Hill


Firefighting efforts were hampered due to irresponsible people flying drones in the way of emergency aircraft,even after repeated outreach on social media to land all drones immediately. Because of this, aircraft had to make several passes before dropping retardant, wasting precious time, and could have easily caused this fire to do more damage than what happened.


Two South City juveniles, ages 14 and 16 years old, gave statements to SSF Police where they admitted to being responsible for starting the fire. Both SSFPD and SSFFD are continuing the investigation and any information can be sent to SSFPD 650/877.8900


Video’s from the fire can be viewed on our YouTube Channel CLICK HERE


Thank you to neighbors for sharing your photos in real time on our social media, we are posting all that we can below, and hope we have photo credits correct. Please contact us at News@EveryhingSouthCity.com if any corrections or additions need to be made.


The Mantegani trio, consisting of father and sons, have also shared some incredible photos from yesterday’s fire. Their website can be found CLICK HERE The photos below were taken by son Scott.

CalFire Co-pilot keeps close eye on it all.
Photo: Scott Mantegani

Photo Credit: Scott Mantegani

Photo Credit: Scott Mantegani


Photo Credit: Maryanne


Photo Credit:
Julie Chimenti

Photo Credit:
Julie Chimenti

Photo Credit:
Julie Chimenti


Photo Credit: Jeff C

Photo Credit: Leonard E

Photo Credit Marco N

Photo Credit: Mariela

Photo Credit: Yolanda


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Laurie Graham
Laurie Graham
3 years ago

What is happening with the boys?