Letter to Editor: Vote NO on Measure RR

South San Francisco, CA  October 25, 2020 by Jeffrey Tong

I think voters face a dilemma with Measure RR.  On one hand, proponents claim NOT voting for it means more traffic gridlock.  On the other, SALES TAX is a REGRESSIVE TAX that hurts mostly the poor, because the poor do not ride Caltrain – they ride Samtrans, which even SMC Transportation Authority Directors and their staff label as “Transportation For The Poor” (versus Transportation For The People).



In fact, Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is not a “Joint” Powers in any way shape or form – it is an oxymoron.  On one hand, it is an Authority, because they do not listen to their riders – no one at Caltrain takes any responsibility what-so-ever!  On the other, this “shared” authority means it is leaderless (they all pass the buck 🔁🔃🔀) …yet, due to internal warfare, everything is under control of Samtrans – a dysfunctional government bureaucracy that serves fewer than 5% of the population at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars.



Directors like Jim Hartnett don’t care whether Samtrans work or not, because they don’t depend upon it for any of their own transportation needs.  These county bureaucrats who reap over 1/2 million in compensation are all automobile drivers (in contrast with members of European Parliaments)  They mandate a 100% MONOPOLY on public transportation, and are therefore the CAUSE of traffic gridlock!



If Samtrans were a private company, it would be shut down COMPLETELY!  I think that is where things are ultimately headed!  Why delay the inevitable?  The SALES TAX won’t fix a dysfunctional bureaucracy – it will just perpetuate the corrupted status quo!  (essentially throwing money down the toilet!)



We need to DEMOCRATIZE transportation, and set-up independent transportation alliances instead.  Nobody should be as powerful as Jim Hartnett.  Agree?





Jeffrey Tong, founder
NWF Community 🦋ildlife Habitat


NWF Community 🦋ildlife Habitat

Ballot question

The ballot question is as follows:[1]

To preserve Caltrain service and support regional economic recovery, prevent traffic congestion, make Caltrain more affordable and accessible, reduce air pollution with cleaner and quieter electric trains, make travel times faster, and increase Caltrain frequency and capacity between Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco counties, shall the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board’s resolution levying a 30-year one-eighth cent sales tax with oversight and audits, providing approximately $100 million annually for Caltrain that the State cannot take away, be adopted?[2]

Ballot simplification digest

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