Millbrae Phone Scam Alert: Good advice for everyone

South San Francisco, CA October 8, 2020 Submitted by SMC Alert

PREFACE: While this alert specifies Millbrae, it is important to remember scam calls can be received by anyone. If you are a South City resident with concerns, please contact SSFPD at 650/877.8900. For other cities, please contact your local police department. Please share this information with those in your circle.

Phone scams continue to be an issue in our community.

As a reminder to the community, no one from the Millbrae Police Bureau or any other government agency will EVER call to threaten you with arrest or tell you your Social Security Card has suspicious activity. No law enforcement or government agency will ever demand immediate payment of “fines” or “bail” to be collected via credit card number, Green Dot card, or any other manner of fund transfer. Even if the caller ID says “Millbrae Police” as one scam call did today (with no phone number showing) do not fall for this scam. HANG UP IMMEDIATELY! If you are worried or scared by a call, call us at 650-363-4911. We will never tell you to come to our station so we can arrest you or threaten to come “where you are now” to arrest you if you don’t pay.

Chief Kunkel even got a scam call on Monday threatening him with arrest if he did not pay a “fine” for the “suspicious activity on his Social Security Card” which of course, was completely false. These scammers are good, they sound legitimate and they play on your emotions. Trust your instincts, be strong, and don’t be a victim.

For more info, check out:

Be safe and well.

Millbrae Police Bureau-San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

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