South City’s Marie Smith Bird Needs Our Help: NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!

South San Francisco, CA  October 23, 2020 by Angelique Presidente, ESC Admin


Hey South City,


Marie Bird, South City native, needs our help. Many of you know her as Marie Smith from going to school throughout the SSFUSD. Some of you know Marie from her helping her daughter’s classes at Ponderosa, Alta Loma, El Camino High School, or even Tiffany’s Dance Academy.


Even though positive thoughts and prayers go a long way, this time in addition to those, Marie, her 16-year-old daughter, and her husband need your help financially. Marie and her husband are unable to work because of Marie’s declining health and her husband James provides round the clock care for her. These times are tough financially for a lot of people but for them, the stress of fighting daily to overcome cancer shouldn’t be compounded with the added financial stress of not being able to work.


Please donate $10 or more CLICK HERE and help share this post so others can also donate, the impact we could make for Marie and her family could be substantial.


If you own a business and can help with meals, services, or a gift card that is also welcomed. Pls msg ESCFB, or email us at and we will forward all donations to Marie and her family.


Please see the Go Fund Me set up for Marie and her family below. There you can read the latest update on Marie’s health, as well as post a msg to her. This is the only authorized Go Fund Me set up at the moment.


Thank you for your help! A strong community is unstoppable! Together we can help Marie and her family beat this!




From the Go-Fund-Me page:

Update from Marie and James:

Marie has been fighting strong since 2015.


In October 2020 she was finishing her most recent round of chemotherapy and was scheduled for an MRI to reassess progress.


Unfortunately, it was found that the cancer has now spread to her brain; in several areas.


Marie is so thankful and appreciative of all the support she has garnered and the support of each and every one of you.


She is not ready to give up.


She has more fight left in her.


She wants to fight for Gigi, her 16-year-old daughter.


She wants to fight for James.


She wants to fight for us, her lifelong sister friends.


She will be starting radiation treatment for her brain and high dose steroids to help. What this means is that Marie will continue to need extensive care and support.


She has been out of work since September of last year and now James will not be returning to work as he will need to take care of her full time. This will add an additional layer of financial hardship to the family, but we are willing to do whatever it takes for Marie. She is deserving of that and so much more.


If you spent even 5 minutes with Marie, you would understand our fight. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, and happiest people on this earth and has so much love to give. Any help that you can provide will go so far in helping us in this fight and giving us the battery we need to keep going. We thank everyone for their help so far, and the prayers that have helped give us strength.


Please support in any way that you are able, even if that is simply sharing her campaign.


We thank you.


Monica Patricia Thomas

Gofundme Organizer



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Suzzette Birch
Suzzette Birch
3 years ago

You are a special soul. I’m so happy to have met you in that very small window of time when Perry and James were playing music together. Your attitude on life and difficult times is so positive and it radiates so beautifully in your words and on your face when you smile that beautiful smile of yours. It’s easy to tell you to keep fighting the fight, but I can’t honestly imagine what you and your family are going through. Know that I think of you and I pray for you that you aren’t in too much pain and that each new day radiates a bit of sunshine on your life. Love you, my friend. ~ Love, Suzzette