SSFPD Media Alert: Attempted Carjacking, Burglary, and Elder Abuse

South San Francisco, CA   October 16, 2020 Submitted by SSFPD

On Thursday morning at approximately 10:00 a.m., an elderly South San Francisco resident was returning from shopping when she pulled into her garage and parked her car.


As the victim was preparing to exit her car, an unknown female entered the garage, approached the opened car door, and forcibly pulled the victim from the car. The suspect then entered the car with the intention of taking it from the owner.  The victim attempted to prevent theft and was physically assaulted by the suspect. The victim was able to flee the garage and call the police to report the incident.


Police arrived and located 25-year-old Antioch resident Christina Magana still inside the victim’s car. The suspect was detained by officers at the scene.


Further investigation revealed that Magana had broken out the rear window of a vacant home in the area and entered the residence.


Both Magana and the elderly victim were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.


Magana was transported to the San Mateo County main jail where she was booked on the listed charges and bail was set at $100,000.



Our FB post:

If you have neighbors who are seniors or are more vulnerable, keep a watch on their homes & property!
Yesterday one of our senior neighbors was assaulted by Christina Magana, a 25-year-old Antioch woman who attempted to steal our neighbor’s car by forcefully removing her from the car (while in her GARAGE!) – leaving her injured, although she was able to contact #SSFPD who found the suspect still in the car.
Further investigation shows that Magana had broken out the rear window of a vacant home in the area and entered the residence.
With more people out of work, and the State’s early release of over 17,000 inmates, coupled with civil unrest, we must double our efforts to be aware of anything that ‘just doesn’t feel right’ – The old adage ‘See something, say something’ is more important now.
Next door to us in San Francisco, as of Sept 2020, they have had a 42% increase in burglary {5,118 burglary incidents!!}, around a 33% increase in homicide and 31% uptick in vehicle thefts, statistical comparisons to 2019 per #SFPD. {}
Be aware of your surroundings, know who your neighbors are, and watch out for those most vulnerable!
BIG THANKS to our South San Francisco Police Departmentfor the quick action and arrest of Christina Magana – Stay Safe!
We hope our neighbor is on the mend and doing well, what a horrific experience for anyone at any age, even more so when more vulnerable!! Prayers Up!



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