A Black Tie Affair INC Thanksgiving Dinner GAME ON Winner Announced: Davida Dean!

South San Francisco, CA  November 22, 2020

Earlier this month we put out a GAME ON Contest with the winner randomly chosen to win a FULL FAMILY Thanksgiving Dinner, compliments of A Black Tie Affair, INC. and we are happy to announce Davida Dean as our winner!

Your yummy dinner will include Traditional Roasted Turkey, Served with Pan Gravy and Cranberry Sauce, Traditional Stuffing, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Candied Yams, Dinner Rolls and Butter, Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream


Thank you to A Black Tie Affair, INC for sponsoring this GAME ON! Please be sure to support those who support us and our community!

A Black Tie Affair, INC offers weekly menus with curbside pickup or delivery, to view menus CLICK HERE!

To learn more about all that A Black Tie Affair, INC offers  CLICK HERE


We greatly appreciated all the wonderful responses to our GAME ON question:

What are you grateful for this year?

**Davida Dean

I’m grateful for my family and my job. Im grateful for our police department here, working long and hard to protect our community. They deserve all our support. We as a community must resist any attempts to defund them.


I am grateful that I am working through this pandemic and I’m able to do the following. Help our students with tech support and make sure they have the electronics & supplies they need. Give large tips to our local businesses that are struggling. Donate food to our school’s student leadership food drive and to volunteer at Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.


Heidi Beck
I’m grateful I have a job, my health (so far, so good!), a home and my family. Even though we are separated by the miles, we are still together in spirit and through technology.


Jeffrey Tong

FRIENDS!  As I get older, I can’t do as much as I used to anymore, so friends who donate their time to help me is incredibly appreciated.



I’ve ordered dinners for A black tie affair and they’ve been great. I’ve had the lasagna, short ribs, paella, rack of lamb, Rojas viejas, cookies and sides of green beans, mashed potatoes, salads and more. The food is great and they don’t skimp on the size of the servings. Excellent food, great staff and they deliver.





I’m grateful life slowing down and allowing for quality time to spend with my little family!


Rosie Oropeza Dacanay

I am grateful for my health, my family and a new found appreciation of simply staying home.


Carolina Victoria Salinas

I am so grateful for my new baby! He has brought us so much joy in such uncertain times and brings his twin brothers so much laughter. Laughter that we all need


Kathy Looney

I am thankful for being healthy, able to work at home and my wonderful neighbors! Due to COVID, I have pretty much stayed home and have only seen neighbors while walking my new puppy, whom I am also thankful for!!

Thanks to A Black Tie Affair, Inc for doing this! Your food is amazing – love being able to order for delivery at home in SSF!


Morena Bonaguidi Gallagher

I am Thankful for the birth of my 2nd grandson Thankful for the time I spend with both my Grandsons. Thankful for my family & friends and that everyone is healthy. Thankful for my job. Thankful for all I have & feel blessed


Lulu Reyes-Lorenzo

I bonded with my son whose job was to travel for 7 years except for two weeks a year.


Mary DeMars

Not as lucky as some but luckier than most


Ava Marie Romero

I’m thankful for having a supportive community virtually, taking a bunch of zoom cooking classes and to my parents and sugary sweet pup Bellatrix. I do miss 3 things my world food championship culinary family, my south city neighbors and my via west friends because of covid!! But it is what it is. But been binge watching the great british bake off and Oprah’s Saturday cooking slot on own including Oaklands own Tanya Holland of brown sugar kitchen and she made a collard green wrapped salmon dish and that is what is on my next table for my mom and dad in the new year


Jon Lee

Thank you Kamala for this great service you provide us! I hope you and your family have a safe and healthy holiday season!

As a lifelong south city resident I am most thankful this year that my family and friends have so far avoided Covid infection. My close relatives were able to keep working the whole time. While I was not able to work, unemployment insurance and family support did not leave me wanting for anything. And the support of family And friends via video calls has kept me for the most part sane! =-)

I pray for everyone that is hurting right now financially or emotionally. Or if you lost a loved one to Covid. I just hope that we can all come out the other side and start to live our lives again. God bless everyone and happy holidays!


Jason Isberg

I’m grateful for the so many wonderful things and fortunes 2020 brought to our community. Things like Cov…no, scratch that; how about Trum…no scratch that too; maybe our lovely weather. Nah, that brought fires and smoky air. Well, 2020 is almost finished bringing us closer to 2021. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

We also have the holiday season upon us so we can all be grateful for that and spending time with our friends and family (socially distanced, of course)

Oh, and all the wonderful things others have mentioned here sound pretty great too


Kassy Kitty Arostegui

Grateful for the health of myself and my family and friends, even more grateful that despite losing my job I still have a roof over my head ! Lots to always be grateful for


Wendy Sinclair-Smith

I am grateful for the luck of living here in South City. This community is grand. We’ve been relatively safe from Covid cases or deaths. Our essential workers have been handling things very well. I’m so grateful for ESS helping us tie things together through this community forum. We help each other. I’ve been so grateful to have food security and housing security thanks to City of SSF. With wishes to help others as you do, I thank you, Kamala Silva.



Randy Quok

The election.


Barbara Yim

I’m so grateful for the time I get to spend with the kids. Being able to work from home and everyone attending virtual classes has been bittersweet for all of us but the memories made with the little ones these past few months have been priceless. From creating our personalized morning pancake breakfast bars (one wants blueberries , another chocolate chips , I like bananas LOL) to after class afternoon walks through the neighborhood together, they are the best part of my 2020.

The Yim family practice gratitude!


Courtney Tetreault

Grateful for the health of my family, and the kindness of others even during these sometimes angry times


Laura Walsh

I am grateful for my family and job. I never got laid off during covid.


Cinthya Costakis

I am grateful for all the people that has being wearing masks not only to protect themselves but also to protect others. I am also thankful for the people that has being in the front line risking their lives and being away from their family and friends to help the sick ones. I am grateful for love because it generates more love.


Val XJord

So grateful for my amazing and loving sons


Tammie Brady

I’m grateful for a lot of things my health, my mother’s health, roof over my head, flushing toilets and running water. And that’s just the tip of ice berg


Mary DeMars

Grateful that while we’re not as lucky as some we are definitely luckier than most


Anne Nicholson Canziani

I am grateful for FaceTime. I have a sister who lives in Hawaii – FaceTime across the ocean !!!!


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Wendy Sinclair-Smith
Wendy Sinclair-Smith
2 years ago

Thank you Kamala, for having all the entries available to read through. It’s truly heartwarming and uplifting.