Ruby Bridges Day November 18, 2020

South San Francisco, Ca  November 11, 2020 Submitted by Sarah W

2020 Celebration

  • Wear orange on 11/18
  • 100 % Attendance on 11/18
  • School Marquee with RBD message and lights.
  • City Hall lights to celebrate RBD.
  • Friendship Rocks at City Hall, Starts Monday 11/16
  • Video or Photo of your student walking to school or city hall from home.
  • Join school wide assembly on            11/18, 9:00 am (link to follow)


Friendship Rocks: The idea is that you are able to bring your own friendship rock and you can leave in City Hall, Martin, or around the neighborhood.  As long as they are not placed on the middle of the path of travel or neighbors lawn.  IF you do not have one, then Friendship Rocks will be available at City Hall, you can select one…..and spread the message by leaving them around the city, as long as you are following the guidelines mentioned above.

Video: For this year, you can choose to share your video as you “walk” to school or City Hall.  Please keep in mind to keep your video about 20-30 seconds….so for example, you can share a video as you walk up to Martin or City Hall…then share a brief message.  Click on this link RBD Celebration to share your video.  IF you want a little tutorial, you can click on this link. Flipgrid Tutorial Video.


Background Information about Ruby Bridges Day:

Video: What is Ruby Bridges Day?

Webpage: Click here for more information about the celebration of Ruby Bridges.

Ruby Bridges Information

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