Shop SMALL, Shop LOCAL! Help our local businesses survive and thrive especially during the HOLIDAYS!

South San Francisco, CA November 12, 2020

For the past 6 years Everything South City has supported Small Business Saturday, a special event day created by AMX, with the intent to help boost small businesses in the middle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as holiday shopping kicks off. This year more than ever our small local business need our support.


This year has changed purchasing habits for most of us, with the quarantine many feel it is safer shopping online. Many local stores have been forced to shutter as the government did not consider them ‘essential businesses’. This has left so many smaller places closed for good, the hopes and dreams of shop owners dashed after they put their heart and soul, their time, energy, and money into getting their businesses off the ground. It is heartbreaking, and we cannot stand by and allow this to continue to happen, so we are asking that holiday purchases be made at our local brick and mortar shops, when possible.

Think about it – when your kids needed a sponsor for their sports team – did Amazon step up? Nope.

When you needed prizes for fundraisers – did step up? Nope.

Our small businesses have been there for us, and now we need to double down our efforts to support them.


Far too many of us have had our incomes reduced thereby lessening our purchasing power. We are more careful with what we buy, seeking out the best deals so our money goes further. At the same time, finding a balance in our shopping habits is important because we know, in time, 2020 will be hindsight! When that happens, we hope our small businesses, our neighbors, are still there to support us once again.


Artists on Wheels Studio has been one of our most amazing small businesses – so much heart and creativity and they need our help to survive these trying times. They are inviting us to visit them between 9am – noon on November 27, 28, and 29th to learn more about them while being able to try some fun crafts! {COVID precautions: social distance, masks required, wash hands} They are located at 611 West Orange Ave, free parking in the lot across from them, and on the street.

For more information please contact them at

And see below for their current class offerings – great gift ideas!!

If you have been able to remain employed and find yourself in a position to share some holiday cheer, Artists on Wheels has a gofundme and they are grateful for our community support.



If you know of other small businesses that could use some extra love – please let us know!! We are in this together!




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