Theft Hits Mendocino Voluntary Fire Department- Help Needed – ESC to Match Your Donations

South San Francisco, Ca   November 2, 2020

MVFD was founded in 1887 and today consists of 34 volunteer firefighters who are ready to tackle emergencies from fires to ocean rescues and more!


This year we have witnessed a huge surge in wildland fires and our own South San Francisco Fire Department has continued to send strike teams across the state to help battle these beasts. Today we learned that the Mendocino Voluntary Fire Department has taken a hit when equipment was stolen from their rig while it was in the shop. The Department said the loss was in the thousands of dollars and included chainsaw, radios, and gas can.


This Historical Fire Department was founded in 1887 and today boasts 34 volunteer firefighters who receive up-to-date training in CPR, emergency medicine, hazardous material responses, technical rescues, and of course, the skills required to protect life and property from fire. To learn more about the history of this department CLICK HERE

One of the early acquisitions was its first fire engine, a hand pumper purchased for $1,835


They write on their FB page:

In these difficult times, we understand that people are desperate, down on their luck, and make poor decisions. We are a 100% volunteer fire department relying on the generosity of our community. This theft is truly a theft from our collective community.

If you are the perpetrator or know who the individual is, we are hoping that you’ll do the right thing and return the stolen goods to our station at 44700 Little Lake Rd. We would gladly accept the items back no questions asked


In support of this amazing department, Everything South City will match dollar to dollar, up to $500, that is donated by any of our followers. Together we can make a difference.


If you are interested in helping, please make a donation via our Paypal (accepts c/c too)

(All donations received between today and the 14th will be marked for MVFD)

We will send you a confirmation your money was received and your funds have been matched.

The full amount will be sent to them on November 14th.


If you prefer, you can send your donation directly to their department or to their PayPal account:

Mendocino Voluntary Fire Department

Post Box 901

Mendocino, CA  95460

Ph: 707.937.0131

To learn more about this great department and all that they do, CLICK HERE

They also offer some pretty cool swag which is another way you might support them during this time of need CLICK HERE

Even our heroes need help from time to time – let’s do this!



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