A Christmas Message of Appreciation; by Antonio Xavier Gomez

South San Francisco, CA   December 25, 2020 by Antonio Xavier Gomez

I have no presents under the Christmas tree.

But I have a Christmas tree under my roof.

Which means I have somewhere warm and safe to sleep, to live.

I have someone here I love, who loves me, so that makes this house a home.

I have food in my kitchen to fill my stomach, books to read so I can fill my head.

I may not have presents, but I have the appreciation of what I do have, and that makes me one of the richest, luckiest, happiest of all.


Good morning people and Merry Christmas.



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Lovely message and cool tree! Great photo too.

I have too many ornaments for my tree hidden in my garage from years of collecting.

Yes we are stuck at home. Thank you for sharing. – Your neighbor


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