Help Needed for the Family of Marie Smith Bird, May She Rest in Peace

South San Francisco, CA  December 23, 2020 by Angelique Presidente, ESC

Previously we shared a Go Fund Me for Marie Bird. Some of us in South City went to school with her from elementary school through high school as Marie Smith, some of us also knew her from her daughter and how devoted Marie was with her competitive dancing at Tiffany’s, being a Girl Scout Troop leader, and cheerleading at El Camino. Marie was very active in our community and always provided a sweeter and more caring life to those who knew her.
When cancer struck again, her devoted husband, James Bird took on caring for her and gave Marie the help and love she had provided to the community for so many years.
With the heaviest of hearts, we share Marie Bird’s GoFundMe again, but this time to help her family lay her to rest. Any amount will help. Please help any way you can.
If you knew Marie we know just how difficult of a time this is, and we are truly sorry for your loss. We know how broken-hearted her friends and family are feeling right now.
South City collectively lost a shining star.

Please click here to help her family with the financial stress losing her brings.

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