Letter to Editor: Friends Of Old Town Wishes You A Happy New Year!

South San Francisco, CA   December 31, 2020 by Friends of Old Town

Friends of Old Town would like to share some good news with you to end the year on a positive note. Friends of Old Town has worked diligently these past few months to give back to the community and educate members on the upcoming changes that will be coming soon.

We volunteered at the holiday food drive this year.

We were also connected with Estolano Advisors to help educate our community about the Fastrak 101 Express Lanes that is being constructed and getting feedback through surveys on how they want to see some benefits come out of this change.

On November 7th we attended the Flu Shot Clinic at the City Hall parking lot and received about 30 surveys.




We decided to hold our own individual event at Paradise Valley (patio) to get the last round of surveys for the year. We wanted to incentivize our families to come to the event to take the survey in exchange for a $5 gift card (to various stores). Our community was very receptive to this and we received over 50 surveys. At this event, we also had a sign up for families that needed help getting Christmas gifts this year. We partnered up with the Good Tidings Foundation and we are happy to say that all of the families that we came across at our event were able to get many Christmas gifts!


Everything South City social media really helped us spread the word.Thank you so much for your support!


Happy New Year!

Friends of Old Town
Brittany Burgo, Dana Abarca, Hermes Monzon

Representing Friends of Old Town

To learn more about Friends of Old Town please email CLICK HERE



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Will you post your club’s meeting schedule?
I would like to attend.

I’m near Orange Park. – Your Neighbor


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Your neighbor
Your neighbor
3 years ago

Will you post your club’s meeting schedule?
I would like to attend.

I’m near Orange Park.