South San Francisco, CA   December 21, 2020 by Marty Romero, SSF Resident

This is in response to the recommendation by Mr. Baker, that the person appointed to SSF City Council should agree to not run for election in 2022. Is this a fair and reasonable request?  {NOTE: read Mr Baker’s recommendation HERE}


Mr. Baker also recommended that SSF City Council could eliminate potential applicants from Districts 1, 3 and 5, or be asked to commit to not run in the 2022 election. If applicants from Districts 3 & 5 are eliminated from consideration or agree not to run, this would potentially benefit Councilpersons Nicolas & Addiego. They will avoid competing against an appointed incumbent if that person does not run for election.


In District 1 we must ask Mr. Baker if he is planning to run for City Council in 2022. Is this why the request was initiated? If so, will it be more difficult for Mr. Baker or anyone else in District 1, to win a District 1 election, if someone is appointed from District 1? In this regard, we should consider Mr. Baker’s position as an elected official and member of the SSFUSD School Board. Will this give Mr. Baker an advantage over other potential candidates who are not elected officials? Why should an appointed incumbent from District 1 be asked to not run for election, if Mr. Baker as an elected official can run? Is this fair?


Although appointment of an applicant from district 2 and 4 (who cannot run for election in 2022) will solve the problem for Mr. Baker, Ms. Nicholas, and Mr. Addiego, that would be unfair to over half the population of the city. Applicants from districts 1, 3 & 5 should not be eliminated from consideration or be asked to not run for election. It is unreasonable to ask anyone to not run for an election, if that is what they decide to do. It’s like asking someone not to vote. It is their constitutional right as a citizen to vote or to run for public office. They should not be asked to give up those rights… ever!


As an alternative, SSF City Council and SSFUSD Board of Trustees should consider implementing term limits to avoid an incumbent advantage scenario. It may be easier to get elected if you are an incumbent but there are no guarantees as we have witnessed in recent elections. An incumbents advantage can be eliminated, if the number of terms that the individual may serve as a member of the School Board or City Council is limited.


Just my two cents worth… for what it’s worth.


Marty Romero




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*Very proud of my daddy for putting this article out. As a second generation south city native and award winning competition home cook and food blogger there’s got to be change in our hometown. Well written to my daddy very proud of him – chef ava marie


*Someone from the district with astronomical leases should represent district 5. The Cadence apartments, with their wonderful view of San Bruno Mtn. Suffer from chronic vacancies. Since opening in 2019 – 20-50 units are empty due to unaffordability, by people who are priced out of these homes. The rumor is the management have converted some into AirBnbs.
There are thousands more coming. What is south City going to do with the glut of apartments while the city’s resident’s need is not being met for housing? Insane, right?
The previous council(s)avoided these realities, avoided the community’s concerns, and were in complete denial. It is why they are gone now. They forced their hand. No one’s seat is safe anymore. Neighborhoods will elect representatives and easily kicked off by neighbors. The shackles of incumbency are no ma’s. Finally!

*I hope this comment posts. – Ellen G.


*Hi Marty,

You have my number and could have called and asked me personally. But to answer your question, which has been asked before: I will not be a candidate for city council in 2022; it would be incompatible with my day job at another level of government. It’s also the reason I will not be putting my name in now. In fact, my career and education is far more geared toward being a city employee rather than a city elected official.



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