Local Youth Bike Stolen: SSFPD to the Rescue with New Bike

South San Francisco, CA   December 15, 2020


Most kids know that wonderful feeling of freedom riding their bike in the neighborhood, it’s one of the first steps to independence, and an important one it is! As exhilarating as it is to have a bike, it is equally disappointing to have your bike stolen, especially during this time of shutdowns when a ride on your bike can release energy and perk up the mood.


The South San Francisco Police Swing Shift patrol team took the theft report on December 8th and worked to find the young boy’s bike, to no avail. We could say it was the spirit of the season that moved the patrol team to action, yet we know our police’s dedication to our community is alive 24/7/365, which prompted these generous officers to chip in with their own funds to purchase a new bike for the child.


You can see his smile from beneath his mask – his ticket to freedom fits great!


On December 11th the SSFPD Swing Shift patrol team presented the bike to our young neighbor as their gift. As SSFPD writes “The smiles concealed by the masks were priceless and the child is back up on two wheels.” 

Way to roll SSFPD!


A boy and his bike, and the good officers who replaced the stolen one – pose with the family.




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-Kamala Silva Wolfe, Founder/ Editor


THANKS to all of you for what you did

-Mel Perry

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mel perry
mel perry
3 years ago

THANKS to all of you for what you did