Sign Hill Fire Damage Remediation Work Planned to Begin Week of December 7

South San Francisco, CA  December 1, 2020 by SSF Park & Rec

On October 16, a fire started at Sign Hill’s letters and moved westward, burning approximately 16 acres. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of fire fighters, and fire break work completed over the past year and a half by the City, the fire was contained within a few hours with no injuries or structures lost. During the fire event, over 1,500 trees and half a mile of trails were damaged. At this time Sign Hill Park remains closed for public safety.



The Parks Division has been planning a response to the fire and in the coming weeks significant tree removal and erosion control efforts will be underway on Sign Hill. This near term work includes the emergency removal of approximately 1,500 dead and hazardous trees, erosion control measures such as the installation of engineered erosion control systems in concentrated flow paths, installation of erosion control fiber rolls or straw waddles, hydro-seeding with native grasses and wildflowers, and temporary drainage inlet protection.



Sign Hill will look very different after the completion of this work. The work being performed will help restore Sign Hill to its natural condition as a pristine grassland, while helping mitigate future fire damage. The extent of the tree removals will uncover vast areas of the hill that have been covered by invasive trees for at least fifty years. This work as well as continued future management will help protect rare species found on the hill, as well as make it safer for all who use and live near the hill. Work on Sign Hill is planned to begin the week of December 7.



Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. For questions, please contact our Parks Division at (650) 829-3837 or email


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mel perry
mel perry
3 years ago

replacing eukies with grass same result,
high fire danger, should be planting
redwoods up there, and some sort of
surveillance system, to keep track.of
the dumb ass teenagers, i hope the city
is billing the parents of the last batch
of idiots, who got stupid?