A public safety message from South San Francisco Police Chief Jeff Azzopardi

South San Francisco, CA January 14, 2021

With Inauguration Day less than a week away, the South San Francisco Police Department is monitoring several news and media outlets to stay informed about what is going on at the Federal, State, and local levels.


At this time, our staff is not aware of any information that would jeopardize the safety of our residents, businesses, and or community. However, we will remain prepared and ready for anything that may arise without notice.


We encourage all those in our community to stay vigilant and safe in the days leading to, and following, the inauguration.


Also, we ask to please continue adhering to the San Mateo County COVID-19 safety guidelines at all times, especially when leaving your home. We support those who exercise their constitutional rights while remaining in compliance with the law and current county guidelines.


We ask anyone that has any information they feel the South San Francisco Police Department should be aware of to call 650-877-8900, email Sergeant Ken Chetcuti at ken.chetcuti@ssf.net or the anonymous tip email at tips@ssf.net


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