Congratulations to newly appointed SSF Councilmember Eddie Flores

South San Francisco, CA   January 28, 2021  by SSF Normandy News

Congratulations to newly appointed Councilmember Eddie Flores to the SSF City Council
Tonight 1/27:
Item #17, Administrative Business
– Resolution appointing registered South San Francisco voter and resident “Eddie Flores” as Councilmember through Certification of the 2022 Municipal Election.
For Council’s full agenda and or to register for public comment(s):
A little about Eddie (photo and bio credit
“Mr. Flores was elected to the Board in November 2018 and served as the Board Vice President from December 2019 to December 2020. He was selected to serve as Board President on December 14, 2020. He has a been a lifelong advocate for children and families and is personally committed to ensuring all children get the opportunities that he was fortunate to receive as a student who graduated from public schools. Mr. Flores graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in public policy and public health and earned his MBA from SFSU. Mr. Flores formerly served as a SSF Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. He is a volunteer of the SSF Friends of Parks and Recreation, SSF Friends of the Library, and the SSF Historical Society. Mr. Flores is a graduate of the California School Board Association’s Masters in Governance program.”
*It is wonderful and.about time that.a Latino is on.the council since there is.a large Latino
population in. South San Francisco – Patricia Aguayo
*Former Mayor Pedro Gonazelez served on our City Council for over a decade, starting in 2000, we have had representation. Congratulations to our new Councilman Flores.
-Linda Gomez
*Congratulations ??? Very well deserved – Becky Parker
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Patricia Aguayo
Patricia Aguayo
2 years ago

It is wonderful and.about time that.a Latino is on.the council since there is.a large Latino
population in.South San Francisco

Becky Parker
Becky Parker
2 years ago

Congratulations ??? Very well deserved ?