Housing Authority in San Mateo County Currently Have Complexes with Open Waitlists

South San Francisco, CA  January 27, 2021 Emilyn Callado FB

Emilyn writes on her public Facebook page:

Hello, so I’m not sure how many of you know that I work for the Housing Authority in San Mateo County. I’m sharing this flyer because several of our complexes have open waitlists (which is a rarity), ranging from studios to 4-bedroom units. Last day to sign up is Wed, Feb 17. You do not have to be a current resident of San Mateo County, but there is County preference.

If you have specific questions about your situation, how to use the website, etc. please feel free to ask me in a PM or you can email me, ecallado@smchousing.org. Trust and privacy are very important to me (as is your friendship!), so I would never share any of your details with anyone. I honestly just want to help

All of the info is in the flyer. Please let me know what I can do for you! [And, before you ask (someone already has, believe it or not…) NO, I can’t select your name from the waitlist. It truly is a random draw!]

Take care, everyone. This is such a tough time right now.


WEBSITE:  SMCHousing.Org

APPLY HERE: www.mysmchousing.com

EMAIL:  csteam@smchousing.org


Is there a list that I could be added to so I can receive your emails. I’m so excited to get this info I have been waiting for so long for a waitlist to open. Thank you for sharing.
-Judy Lockhart
ESC Response – please contact the Housing Authority directly to see if they might have an email list in which you may subscribe. Thank you.

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