Stay at Home restrictions are lifted – We’re back in the purple tier!

South San Francisco, CA January 26, 2021 h/t  SSF Chamber of Commerce for heads up

The State of California has lifted Stay at Home restrictions and it is now up to each County to decide which tier their numbers represent. San Mateo County continues to be at the strictest level, yet outdoor dining, and some other outdoor activities are now allowed. See the graphic below for more information.


Stay at Home restrictions are lifted

BUT we are a long way from Tier 4 when we might open up completely –


UPDATE specifics on what the purple tier means
  • Hair salons: open indoors with modifications
  • Retail: open indoors at 25% capacity
  • Malls: open indoors at 25% capacity and food courts closed
  • Nail salons: open indoors with modifications
  • Electrolysis: open indoors with modifications
  • Personal care services (body waxing, etc.): open indoor with modifications
  • Tattooing and piercing: open indoors with modifications
  • Museums, zoos, and aquariums: outdoor only
  • Places of worship: outdoor only
  • Movie theaters: outdoor only
  • Hotels: open with modifications
  • Gyms: outdoor only
  • Restaurants: outdoor only
  • Wineries: outdoor only
  • Bars and breweries: closed
  • Family entertainment centers: outdoor only, like mini-golf, batting cages, and go-kart racing
  • Cardrooms: outdoor only
  • Non-essential offices: remote work only
  • Professional sports: no live audiences
  • Schools: must stay closed
  • Theme parks: must stay closed




While vaccines are making their way into our County, we will need to observe COVID19 practices for a long, long time:

-social distancing,

-masking up when we can’t social distance or when on Federal property,

-staying isolated when ill or if in the vulnerable category,

-and wash those hands continually with hot water and soap for at least 30 seconds! (sanitizer when you can’t use soap/water)

More info from San Mateo County regarding VACCINES CLICK HERE

More info from San Mateo County on TESTING CLICK HERE


More info from California Blueprint for Safer Economy CLICK HERE



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mel perry
mel perry
2 years ago

BAD MISTAKE, now all the dummies are
going to go out and be stupid, again,
and we’ll be in lock down again, in 3-4
weeks, nobody ever learns, we are our
own worst enemy, and people don’t care, tens of thousands will still die