Welcome Truffle Poke’ Bar to South City!

South San Francisco, CA January 14, 2021 Tip from SSF Neighbor

“Man! You have to check out Truffle Poke’ Bar – they recently opened in South City out by Oyster Point next to Starbucks – please let our neighbors know about this great place that offers a new healthy option for SSF!” our South City neighbor writes us. Check it out and you’ll agree!!




There are two Truffle Poke Bars in San Mateo County, one in San Mateo on ECR, and our new one here on Oyster Point

From their website:

Our Story

Welcome to Truffle Poke Bar! Inspired by the culinary arts as well as the fast-paced world we live in, we have set out to create an experience of simplicity and diversity combined with the best of food culture. With over 30 years in the restaurant industry (primarily kitchen), we strive to achieve what we think are the top factors of a variety of restaurant styles: amazing food, quick and great service, and affordable pricing.

Utilizing the finest and freshest of locally sourced ingredients has always been a priority. This quality of food coupled with a unique and quick dining experience that is simple, casual, and that shared good vibes is how Truffle Poke Bar was born.

From the vibrancy of colors and aromatic freshness, these flavorsome and mouthwatering dishes clearly show the amount of carefully crafted effort required for each selection. Bred in the kitchen, Truffle Poke Bar will always hold food as a priority and will always stay true to its culinary roots while maintaining an inviting dining experience that thrives off of minimalism where it counts.

South City location menu HERE

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