Genentech and Amgen donate to the future of South San Francisco with an emphasis on supporting local youth

South San Francisco, CA  February 16, 2021 Press Release

As South San Francisco begins construction of the Library, Parks and Recreation Center/Council Chambers on the city’s new Community Civic Campus, Genentech and Amgen Inc. recently announced donations totaling $3.5 million towards the development of two educational spaces on this new Campus to support future learning opportunities of local youth, residents, and visitors.
Genentech donated $3 million to support the future Education Center, and Amgen donated $500,000 to support the Discovery Center, both located on the second floor of the future Community Civic Campus.
The Education Center, once completed, will provide an exciting and engaging zone for children and teens, including a storytime “area-in-the-round,” interactive learning resources for children, study and group project rooms, and a separate, comfortable teen area equipped for study, creative collaboration, socialization, gaming, and virtual reality.
“Having access to safe, comfortable and creative learning spaces is so important for young minds in their educational journey, and Genentech’s support is a natural extension of our long-standing history and commitment to South San Francisco’s next generation of innovators,” said Kristin Campbell Reed, Executive Director, Genentech Corporate & Employee Giving. “As we focus on creating educational pathways and facilitating equitable access to learning and growth opportunities for local students, many of whom are from underrepresented groups, we’re excited about the impact this ambitious project will have on our community.”
Amgen’s donation will support a Discovery Center, which will include a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) MakerSpace, a digital classroom/media lab, and an adjoining community program room. Located near the entrance to the Children and Teen library, the Discovery Center will provide accessible, equitable, and innovative learning experiences for all members of the community.
“South San Francisco is home to a diverse population, including many families with children who have the potential to participate in the thriving life sciences ecosystem that sits right across the freeway from where they live and work,” said Flavius Martin, Vice President Research and Site Head at Amgen South San Francisco. “Amgen’s support for the Discovery Center in the new South San Francisco Community Center will provide opportunities for youth to receive hands-on experience with STEAM and inspire them to pursue related fields of education so they can accel in the many career possibilities available in South San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.”
“The extreme generosity of Genentech and Amgen in their endless support of our community and our residents is very humbling,” said South San Francisco Mayor Mark Addiego. “These companies are a vital asset to our community, and they continue to show their commitment to our City’s future, which includes ongoing support of our local youth
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Mina richardson
Mina richardson
2 years ago

Hi Kamala, this is Mina Richardson, hope your re doing well, staying healthy, I have not been able to read any comments in 6 months! And it would be nice to read the only comment. Hope to See you soon!

Cory Alan David
Cory Alan David
2 years ago

Forgive my cynicism but are there any strings attached? Are these generous contributions an investment in South San Francisco’s future or an investment in biotech’s future. Maybe we can “humbly” allow them to cover our community with high-rise residential buildings for their workers?