Marie Louise Bird Obituary

South San Francisco, CA  February 9, 2021

Marie was born June 25 1977 a California native, she was raised and grew up in South San Francisco. She was the eldest of two siblings born to Craig and Alicia Smith. She was a loving sister to brother Michael Smith. Marie was always a happy child, easy to smile and brightened up every room, a trait she carried into adulthood.  Marie attended  schools in SSF while growing up. She was a police explorer and a proud cheerleader for El Camino High School. She loved to tap dance and perform.

She was a loving mother to her beautiful daugher Giselle, who also did dance and was involved in Girl Scouts. Marie was a Troop Leader and accompanied Giselle to many different classes, productions and competitions.

Marie met her beloved husband,  James R Bird, over  11 years ago. They built a beautiful life together and were each others support through her long battle and multiple treatments for Breast Cancer. Having found the “love of her life” as she so fondly referred to him, made all the difference through the hard times for her. Both Marie and James made each other better and having each other made their world shine even through the darkest of times.

She was a wonderful aunt to her nieces Trinity, Danika and McKenzie. She loved spending time with her brother and his wife Alexis. She worked at Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP for many years.

Marie will be missed by her extended family and her large group of friends that she made throughout her life. From her NKOTB fan club friends, her Color Street girls, her mommy friends and extended work family.

Marie was a warrior, a fighter, a persistent positive energy while facing a terrible diagnosis. She was still always smiling and had such a positive outlook on life, even during the hardest of days.

Marie passed away
December 22nd 2020 with her loving husband right by her side.
Although it is hard to let her go,
we know she is now pain free and
is lovingly watching over all of us who she held dear.

-It is so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone ~John Steinbeck-



A GoFundMe account has been established HERE

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